Album Review DARK FOREST Beyond the veil

Dark Forest cover artwork beyond

DARK FOREST “Beyond the veil”

Cruz del Sur Music

Excellent!! What a piece of shinny and strong heavy metal is here! After last album “The Awakening” (read the review here) in 2014 this English band returned with a new recording which can become a classic in some years.

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DARK FOREST The Awakening Review

DARK FOREST cover art

DARK FOREST “The Awakening”

Cruz Del Sur Music

It’s a pleasure to know this band. Coming from England, these guys forged a very melodic and respectable heavy metal album with excellent guitar lines (tons of twin guitars), progressive elements and great vocals. Actually, the combo has a particular personality because of all musical arrangements here and there, besides the voice of Josh Winnard, who seems to be influenced by big throats like Michael Kiske, Andre Matos, etc.

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