Dark Lunacy Weaver of Forgotten

DARK LUNACY “Weaver of forgotten”

At first I want to say I really love this band. Only few contemporary death metal bands have developed unique style through the years, and Dark Lunacy is a quite good example. If you listened to previous releases you will know they make a nice mixture between melodic death metal, dramatic atmospheres and excellent quartet strings sections, which are always placed at the right place without childish mistakes. A full dramatic death metal band I must say. This is a concept album inspired by the memory of the dead. Again Mr. Michelle Belli (aka Mike Lunacy) did a full production, and seems to be an academic artist with a nostalgic touch to create images in music. I think this time he added more keyboards than other occasions, but shit no! He didn’t make solos with keys (applauses please) only managed synthesizers to create atmospheric auras, a dramatic/solemn mattress which really reminds me 90’s Amorphis, Tiamat, etc. Just listen to “Curtains” or the emotional “Mood”. Big thumbs up for “Sybir” track, very cold, technical, powerful and savage. Just like Siberia land. I may be unhappy with the inclusion of some “modern” sounds in “Archangel’sk” or basic “modern metal” sound here and there, but this still a very good album.  – Victor Varas

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