DEAD AWAKEN Where Hope Turns Dripping Red Review

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DEAD AWAKEN “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red”

Abyss Records

This band found the balance between aggressive death metal, brutality and technical skills. Guitars are extremely heavy and sharp, as well as the lines which denote a very professional and honest work behind rehearsal room. This band also features one of the crudest and thick voices I’ve heard this year. If you ask me, this album is a red piece of destructive death metal forged in brutality and solid guitar riffs, and seems like the founders know very well the business since they used to play in two death metal bands in late 80’s.Unfortunately, I’ve heard this formula so many times that I can’t say it’s a very original stuff. This trio has huge musical skills and the roots on ancient death metal are visible in tracks like “Rocket Symphony” which is a slow song with crushing guitar riffs. All in all, this is a great First Full Album, and it would turn your speakers into pieces. But, as aforementioned, the genre has been explored in many horizons, and I can’t say that this is something that will reach a higher position in case they record the next album in the same line. Anyway, you can buy it and the last word will be yours. – Victor Varas

DEAD AWAKEN Where Hope Turns Dripping Red CD release date

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The debut album from the Swedish Death Metal band DEAD AWAKEN will be released on Abyss Records April 1st, 2013 in CD format. “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” will feature nine tracks of Old School Death Metal with both European and American Death Metal influences. “Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” was recorded at Studio D-Man in Västerås, Sweden. Dead Awaken officially signed on to become a part of the Abyss Records roster last year.

An Exclusive Stream of the track “Kingdom of Damnation (Where Hope Turns Dripping Red)” is available now at The Axis of Metal website

Where Hope Turns Dripping Red” is available now for Pre-order on the Abyss Records webstore: