DIOVIM Fanzine Issue 3 (Lithuania) Review

Diovim Zine 3 review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

DIOVIM Fanzine Issue 3 (Lithuania) Review

Talking about Lithuania. This is one of the rarest fanzine arrived to the Zombie mail. Starting from I didn’t know almost anything about metal scene from that country, except of REGREDIOR and CONSCIOUS ROT (bands from 90’s ), or the HIGH HORROR Zine, and the Chief Editor mailed me asking for a review of his fanzine. Well, he posted me the item with the promise of make a translation of it for me. He did an absolutely killer fanzine printed in glossy cover and smart design, unfortunately is all written in Lithuanian language and I can’t read a single word!! Anyway, I’ll mention the bands interviewed: MY DYING BRIDE (UK), CEMETERIUM (México), DEMONICAL (Sweden), BLACK CANDLE (Luxemburg), HELHEIM (Norway), COCK’LET, DITTOREHEAD (Maldives), HAEIRESIS (Lithuania), DEADKUBUN (Colombia), AGONIJA, THE LAST PUFF, DEROGATOR, AWAKENING THE SUN, LIFE’S EDGE Lithuania), CRYPTS OF DESPAIR, WULTURE, and KAMPFAR (Norway). As you can see, this document is very extensive and interesting, and what is more, is compacted in few (very readable) pages. I surprised when I noticed two articles of Mexican legends TOXODEATH and CRAZY LAZY, and also the editor told me that on first issue he included even more Mexican material. No doubt, this guy has huge information about Mexican scene, and I have to be grateful with him, as I feel very embarrassing because I don’t know much about his country. Anyway, is a very cool underground fanzine from the Eastern Europe and you should send your material or trade a copy. And ask the editor for a translation!! – Zineaholic.