DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless Review

DISFIGURED DEAD Relentless cover art


Butchered Records

I remember when I listened to the first album called “Visions of Dead”, I was pretty impressed because of the high octane guitar riffs and rotten “old school” structures. Actually, I think they follow same line on the new album, although they added more complexity to the music, and this definitely opens a new perspective to their sound. All tracks are tied by a rotten stench which sounds excellent and breaks bones. Also, the production helps a lot and everything sounds clear, crude and infernal.

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Disfigured Dead Visions of dead

DISFIGURED DEAD “Visions of Death”
Hells Headbangers Records

Oh man! I’m sure old style death metal followers will go crazy with this CD. Tree guys are perfect line up to create such a heavy, obscure, rotten and morbid death metal I’ve heard this days. I just wonder when will be the day Chase from HHRecords will release something bored. Guitars tuned low and fat as hell, shooting high octane riffs right and left, and excellent rotten vocals. Everything is well done and with no flowers at all. Only a stench of death metal. First we notice the hands of Dave Gruver (guitars) are very well educated by masters like Chuck Schuldiner, Rick Rozz, Eric Cutler, etc. and the results are amazing. Just listen to “Scrematorium”, or the masterpiece “Visions of death” (brutal!! I mean, I repeated this track over and over again). My favorite is definitely “They hear your heart beating” what a great balance between slow and heavy riffs and nuclear blastings. I really wonder again what happened to death metal? Why bands don’t play like this anymore? The now so called “death” are just copies over copies full of human chronometers, over produced “stop and go’s” and that shit. Whatever, don’t miss these young American, you’ll enjoy them. Ah! The CD includes the video “Possessed dead”. – Victor Varas