Album Review DO Tuho

Do Tuho cover art

DÖ “Tuho”


It’s another well-known band here in my desk. I reviewed a sludge EP in 2014 and you can read it here. Carrying solid influences from Black Sabbath guitar riffs, and creating dense atmospheres of what is called “Stoner rock”, these guys released an excellent piece of heaviness and obscurity here.

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Dö EP 2014 Review

Do Ep Cover art

Dö EP 2014

Self Released

What a piece of doom-sludge-stoned metal I have here! Definitely this is one of those underground bands that deserve a good place into the road. Coming from Finland, the band is formed by a General Development Officer of Riffs, Chief Executive Officer of Rhythm and Tempo, Executive Vice President of Low-end and Oral Messaging, and the three of them did an excellent work in this EP, by creating obscured atmospheres rooted in black sabbathic riffs, slow tempos and a very particular perspective of psychedelic/stoner rock, you know, full of emotive and primitive guitar riffs through aggressive and explosive rhythms.

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