Album Review DOOMED Anna

Doomed cover artwork


Solitude Productions

Finally I found a strong candidate for my list of best releases I reviewed in 2017, although this album is from 2016.  I can describe this like a step forward of death/doom metal genre, as this is forged in real obscured and oppressive atmospheres, but fueled by huge progressive elements and high octane sections, with music skills and good taste.

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Album Review ARCHITYRANTS Black water revelation


ARCHITYRANTS “Black water revelation”


According to the info, this Brazilian beast has been active since 1998, when they used the original name “A Tribute to the Plague”. They released various demos before a debut album in 2003, or something, and then they changed the name to ARCHITYRANTS.

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Album Review WILDERNESSKING Mystical Future


WILDERNESSKING “Mystical Future”

Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Well, finally I can review a band from South Africa on this blog. Formerly known like HEATHENS, this band is been active since 2010 or something and they really have excellent ideas under the line of atmospheric and mystique black metal style.

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Album Review MISSA MORTVM Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis​

Missa Mortvm cover artwork

MISSA MORTVM “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis​.​.​.”

Satanath Records

This is a great piece of darkness coming from Santiago, Chile. It’s nothing less than a debut full length album forged in misanthropic and destructive black metal, highly influenced by Nordic old sound.

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Album Review ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR Between My Dead

Abysmal Growls of Dispair cover artwork


Satanath Records

Holy shit! This sounds sinister and absolutely obscured. For those who are looking for underrated funeral entities in Europe, you should listen to this one.

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Album Review BLACK OATH To Below and Beyond

Black Oath cover artwork

BLACK OATH “To Below and Beyond”

Terror from Hell

Holy shit! These Italians created an excellent opus of doom metal, again… This is the third full length album of their career, (and numerous EPs, singles and Split productions) and definitely everything has high quality.

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Album Review ABYSMAL GRIEF Strange Rites of Evil

ABYSMAL GRIEF cover artwork

ABYSMAL GRIEF “Strange Rites of Evil”

Terror from Hell Records

Holy shit! These veterans did it again, the new album is a perfect example of Italian doom metal manifestation, and everything involved with this production is dark, rare and grim.

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