Album Review MOLOKEN All Is Left to See

Moloken cover artwork

MOLOKEN “All Is Left to See”

Temple of Torturous

Honestly, I had to listen to this album several times before to get the peculiar vibes. Coming from Sweden, these guys created a third album full of bizarre structures, poisonous atmospheres and painful vocal lines (literally speaking).

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ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE Darkness Sustains the Silence Review


ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE “Darkness Sustains the Silence”

Memento Mori

If you are familiar with Finnish death metal bands, surely the name of Decaying will ring your ears. Well, this band features some members from that band, and it truly has an eclectic touch forged in gloomy and ominous music.

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MIRTHLESS A Dirge for Your Suicide Review

Mirthless cover art

MIRTHLESS “A Dirge for Your Suicide”

Dunkelheit Produktionen

It seems like these motherfuckers truly have traces of obscurity, depression and gloom inside the veins. This is one of those albums that disturb you since the first track. The intro is a recording of a real funeral with laments, people crying, desperate screams, etc. Shit man!

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