TRITTON Metal Band will release Debut album in August 2013

Tritton Release Flyer web at Zombie Ritual Zine

Mexico City – based band TRITTON features a self released album full of solid Heavy Metal and powerful female vocals.

Pure Steel in the veins.

TRITTON started officialy as a band in 2009, but Enrique Torres (Guitars) and Victor Varas (Bass)  have been playing together since more than 15 years now. They are former members of Dracko(Mexico City, 2001-2008), and were part of the lineup that recorded the demo HarMaguedón (2002) and the album El Mundo de los Dioses –The World of the Gods– (2004) Guitarist José Gómez and drummer Yohan Torres joined the band some years later to form actual line up, and reinforced the sound of the band. The music is rooted on classic heavy metal and agressive thrash metal, among many other influences coming from different sources like NWOBHM, blues and classic rock. All this mixture is completed when Lorena joined the band, as the music turned to a more solid style in terms of the vocal lines. TRITTON is currently completing the recording of what will be “Face of Madness“, the first album.