EVILHORSE (Spain) Review

Evilhorse review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

EVILHORSE “Cabeza de Vaca”

Discos Macarras

Don’t confuse this band with CABEZA DE CABALLO, although they share the same Label and play almost the same style, but is not the same band. Actually, these guys are even more strange and mysterious, since I barely found information about neither them nor the band. When I received this CD I was like “wait a minute… since when been decapitating big quadrupeds? “ But hell no!! This is about heavy and slow metal. Yes, there is a sight on the “stoner” or “sludge” style, and they deliver some heavy thick and obscure guitar riffs like a fucking punch on the balls. This EP includes only three long and soupy tracks, and the main characteristic is the slow necrotic and lifeless atmosphere they make. Also, the booklet doesn’t say too much as you open it and notice what seems to be a wall of stone o the inside of a cave. That’s stone. Other aspect to mention is the vocals which are not completely guttural but very rabid and cavernous, so the result is a mix of early CATHEDRAL meets a very alcoholic BLACK SABBATH, plus a furious caveman on vocals … riding a Dinosaur. I liked very much those improvised solos like the end part of “Awake”, a totally 70’s aura and gives touches of “cosmic” feast. Sometimes the band sounds a little bit improvised (as the DIY recording is another factor to consider) and sometimes they sound organic, but into progressive stuff; but always they heard well assembled and tight. It’s a very interesting EP of doom rock, crude and direct to the point. Spanish iron blood, of course. – Victor Varas