Crush the cross fanzine issue X out now!

Crush the cross fanzine issue X cover art

Interviews: Incarceration, Aggressive Mutilator, Deformity B.R., Catacumba, Revenge (Colombia), Disgrace and Terror e Zênite.

Cobertura: Party San 2013


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A/C Samir Souza

Conj. Cohab, Gleba 3, Trav. 1, Nº 121






Chainsaw Magazine 4 from Colombia is ready!

Chainsaw metal magazine 4

The new edition of Chainsaw Zine 4 printed, written in Spanish is available. This time includes interviews and biographies with:Avgrunn (Esp), Puerkomorfosis (Ecu), Necroriser (Ing), Exterminio (Arg), Deranged (Sue), Nothingness (Mex), Enthrallment (Bel), Prolapso (Col), A Good Day For KIlling (Tai), Hyperthropy (Col),  Trichophyton Mentagrophyties (Ecu), Sevared Rec. (USA) and many more!

Caratula full color, 20 black and white inside pages, 16.3 cm X 21.7 cm extreme metal, ultra limited edition of only 20 numbered copies! Includes CD-r box containing full color tracks of some of the participating bands …

More info: chainsawprod(at)

Blessed Altar Zine Issue 5 is out !

Blessed Altar Zine Issue 5 out

Interviews with Garden Of Grief (Aus), Ataxia F. (Spa), Obsecration (Gre), Blizzard (Ger), Hatevömit (Tur), Moloch (Ukr), Releasing the Plague section with the interviews of two labels, The Sinister Flame (Fin) and Iron Tyrant (Ita),

Lithuanian Death Metal Report, plus reviews, Castle of S. Jorge (Lisbon) (Por) article, literature, movie section, etc…

Released in March 2014 and limited to 200 copies.

A5 format with 52 pages on B/W in English written.




AEA zine Issue 23 cover art

Autoeroticasphyxium issue #23 (winter 2013-2014) out next week. This issue’s interviews are with Kelvin Allison, Aquelarre Zine, Belfast Six Pack, Bitter Peace, Christopher Chaos, Debbie D, Dirigiri, Charlie Kruger, Libria, Maximum Penalty, SarahTonin, Sathanas, Scent Of Remains, Sewage, Shallowpoint, Sit & Spin Records, Surtr Stormhammer, Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus and Wakk Thuu. Cover artwork by Alexander Kautz. Additional artwork by Winston Blakely and Angel Manuel Lopez. Editorial by Joe Zuchowski. Articles by Goddess Rosemary and Ivy Sahjaza. Reviews by Kaya Chaos, Tony F. Corpse, Frank Garcia, Goddess Rosemary, Josh Laing, Kat Mystika, Gen Pickett, Rrockhopper, Twan Sibon, Victor Varas and Dave Wolff. Film reviews by Kristin Theckston aka The Angry Princess. Fiction by Fiona BiFrost and Yetti Monstah, Jonathan Hawk, Alexander Kautz, James Ward Kirk, Jerry Langdon, Corvo Sahjaza and Venger Satanis. $4.00 or free with trade.

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Scriptorium Magazine from Cuba is spreading !

Scriptorium Magazine from Cuba

Scriptorium Magazine is spreading all over the world and USA.

Order your copies and get in touch!

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REBORN FROM ASHES Fanzine Issue 6 Review

Reborn from Ashes 6 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

REBORN FROM ASHES Fanzine (USA) Issue 6 Review

Every time I read an article from this fanzine, I really feel a connection with the contents because everything is very well driven by a death metal passion, good taste and a consistent knowledge. Actually, the chief editor Tony Juarez is a person who has been involved in underground scene since the old days. First, when he lived in México City and published a fanzine called Epitaph back in the 90’s, and these days by making this excellent fanzine full of ominous music, rottenness and pus.  On this issue he really did an excellent work with interviews, as all of them are deep to the medulla and quite professional. You will find names like IMPETIGO (very long and effective!!), OMISION, NECROCCULTUS, GUTWRENCH, CENOTAPH (Mexico), ACROSTICHON (Netherlands) UNHOLY LUST and MARK RIDDICK. Editor’s roots are visible everywhere visually speaking, and he also delivers excellent drawings ala old school which gives a particular breath to this fanzine. Of course, he added a section of CD and Fanzines which is a fucking pleasure to read, as well as follow all the sinister recommendations. I know some of you will complain because of the small font, or shitty things, but for me, this is one of the best death metal fanzines coming from America lately. Long live to RFA zine, and keep smashing skulls motherfuckers!!! – Zineaholic.

Contact: intheshadows96 (arroba)

Temple of Adoration Zine Issue # 9 Out now!!

Temple of Adoration Zine 9 at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

Temple of Adoration Number # 9

Featuring Interviews with:

Hellnation/Brodys Militia/Stabbed to Death (Us.)- Douglas Long is speaking about his monstrous activities during the last two decades in Grindcore, Hardcore and Metal!
Absolute Nothing (Ger.)- Harsh Noisecore outburst from Berlin, speaking in weird tongues! The most violent and harsh to emerge from this genre and this City!
NB-604 (Ecu.)- The long time active with the strange name. Traditional Black Metal in the vein of Moonblood.
Tian A Men 89 Records (Fra.)- Punk label from France specialized to release extreme music from corners of the earth one would not always imagine a extreme band to come from.
Master of Cruelty (Par.)- Repulsive, dirty, and crushing Deathrashblackmetal fanatics from Paraguay.
Rotting Flesh (Bra.)- Old and remembered by the nerds of old school Grind/Death Metal almost only, he speaks about the past times with his band…
Atrofia Cerebral (Per.)- Born in the 80ies and propably the first Noisecore band ever from Perú!
Skinflint (Bots.)- The most famous Heavy Metal band from Botswana…Support them!
Illapa/Spasm/Contumacy (Per.)- Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore. Local veteran Manuel Perqan “Occult” speaks about his long time activities…

Plus Reviews and biographies for Black Feast (Fin.), Vaginal Vomitator (Slo.), Gorgoroth (Phil.) and Exhumator (Bulg.). 36 pages in total!!!

Print will be made as long as there is demand! Wholesale price is possible if you take 5 or more copies.

Trade is possible but ask first!


3 Euro worldwide plus postage. You can pay with paypal!

Postage rates:

Germany: 2,00 Euro
Europe & World: 4,00 Euro

Sodomistic Rituals Productions/Temple of Adoration Zine/Madre Coca opened a shop on store envy lately, check it here:


Email: evisc666(at)


Daemonum Zine (Mexico) No. 14 Out now!!

Daemonum zine 14 ad at Zombie Ritual Zine

Chats with: Nominon, Indesinence, Agony Lords, Flagrum Txillatum, Turbocharged, Cultura Tres, Convulse + Articles Barge to Hell y Maryland Death Fest + Album reviews,

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(Written in Spanish language)