Album Review HELLLIGHT Journey Through Endless Storms

HELLLIGHT cover art

HELLLIGHT “Journey Through Endless Storms”

Solitude Productions

These Brazilian guys have been active since 1996 or something, and this is my first encounter with their work. On the fifth full length album they made clear that they have funeral-doomed riffs inside the veins.

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Album Review OKTOR Another Dimension of Pain

Oktor cover art

OKTOR “Another Dimension of Pain”

Solitude Productions

This album is surrounded by a quite peculiar dark atmosphere. If you ask me, I’m not very into the so called funeral doom metal. Although I admit that some bands make a great work in literally painful tunes, and distressing guitar lines.

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OCTOBER TIDE Tunnel of no Light Review

October Tide review at Zombie Ritual Zine

OCTOBER TIDETunnel of no Light

Pulverized Records

When we talk about Swedish band October Tide, we talk about a name that has been part of a Katatonia’s history, as this is a band that was formed by some members of Katatonia when in mid nineties the band split up. Also, Fredrik Norrman (also in Uncanny) is one of the most representative guitars on the depressive/obscured/funeral metal genre. This is the new album and it really caught me since the first track. The music delivers great atmospheres based on dark guitar riffs and melodic lines which sound Epic as Hell. Actually, everything is tied by great melodic lines and it’s a pleasure to hear every music arrangement at guitar’s department. These guitar riffs sound particularly well achieved, as if deadly lines of music were coming right inside your heart and leave red scars with no mercy. The band has some approaches to modern sounds like in “Emptiness Full filled”, and they know how to handle classic death metal style with excellent melodic guitar lines. The result is majestic and with high octane level of composition. Another aspect to underline is the guttural style of Alexander Högbom, who has excellent musical backgrounds and seems like his throat has been educated by listening tons of death metal music from early 90’s. This is a very interesting addition to your collection of Swedish death metal and you will be plenty satisfied, if you are not away from this genre lately. – Victor Varas

MURKRAT (Australia) – Same Gatefold Double LP

Murkrat Same Double Gatefold LP Zombie Ritual Fanzine news

MURKRAT – Same Double Gatefold LP  lim to 300  in Gray/Black Vinyl inclusive with the ” Murky Ratmass”* Demo

Release Date 05.08.2012

Pre- Orders Welcome

Great Doom from Australia

With female Voice from the Front Woman  Mandy VKS Cattleprod

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