GOREGAST (Germany) Review

Goregast La Revancha Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

GOREGAST “La Revancha”

Hecatombe Records

This is a very interesting band coming from Germany. They play a putrid mix of Death metal and Grind core, somehow the result sounds near to both sides, and there is no problem with that. And I said interesting, because they are very into the animal – rights- supporting, and that’s a theme I like and I think everybody must take conscience. The band also mixes some lyrics in Spanish, and it definitely gives a special ouch to the music. Of course, there is also a funny touch on the concept of all these, as they did a song called “Varg sucks Varg”, or “Suck my ass Yeah!” and all we know that it’s a trademark of the genre itself. Actually, they did very good guitar riffs, low and fat as toad’s ass. In a way, they also remind me some good death metal bands coming from Spain, creating an excellent rotten atmospheres ala early CARCASS, and some punkish stench. Honestly, I would be a fucking bastard by saying that they innovated something, musically speaking, but their music have enough good elements to move my balls, and that’s great to me. They released a new album last year. – Victor Varas