I MISS MY DEATH In Memories Review

I miss my death cover art

I MISS MY DEATH “In Memories”

Metal Scrap Records

I have a lot of respect for this label based in Ukraine because the owner is always looking for real promotion to his catalogue, and from time to time he always send physical promo-packs all around the globe. This is supposed to be a debut album, and I’m really impressed as it sounds very professional and denotes musical high skills behind rehearsal door.

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Dramatvm The prophecy of...

DRAMATVM “The prophecy of mhisty a prelude of Chaos”

Bands like Nightwish, After Forever, Theater of Tragedy, etc, etc never though they would influence a huge number of underground bands around the world since they started this gothic angelical female voice metal style. Dramatvm is one of these influenced bands and seems to be a quite serious project. You know, is symphonic heavy metal with female voices, touches of melodic death, irregular compasses, tons of tempo changes and passages, folk sections (check out “My domains: The black desert”), melodramatic atmospheres. All in all is a well structured debut album, and all these guys are talented at instrumentation, without falling in repetitive riffs or rhythms. I would say all of them are from the same Music Academy and made the decision of working a very professional band, and here is the result. Self funded, of course.  I really don’t know why I didn`t make it to the last song, maybe the more I listen bands like this make me more grumpy. Yes, is my age, my aches and pains. Anyway, is a cool debut album for new symphonic gothic metal lovers, as well as fans of Mexican metal underground. – Victor Varas