Album Review INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE Spawning a Dystopian Breed

Infected Omnipotence cover artwork

INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE “Spawning a Dystopian Breed”


Hey!! I remember bands Haceldama and Innsmouth, from Dominican Republic! This band was founded by members from those entities, and this time is nothing but pure brutal death metal.

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Album Review RAGE IN SILENCE Doomsday Butchery

Rage in silence cover artwork

RAGE IN SILENCE “Doomsday Butchery”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This debut album is not bad at all for a young band founded in 2010. This Russian piece of brutality offers tons of holocaustic guitar riffs and good doses of grindcore.

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Carnivorous Voracity cover art


Amputated Vein Records

This is extremely chaotic, fast and technical. Coming from Basque Country, these guys composed a good debut album with high doses of brutality and complex structures.

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Album Review BLUNT KNIFE IDOL Greed Heritage

Blunt Knife Idol cover art

BLUNT KNIFE IDOL “Greed Heritage”


It’s not bad at all for a debut album. This is nothing less than a morbid hybrid of death metal and grindcore with high doses of brutality, technical stuff and punk attitude. The band features Arco, from bands like Göll, ex Ordo Draconis, and he really did a great job in this piece of insanity.

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Album Review DEGENERHATE Chronicles of the Apocalypse


DEGENERHATE “Chronicles of the Apocalypse”

Sliptrick Records

Coming from Rome, Italy, these guys composed a very decent debut album, as it’s full of heaviness and aggression. They mixed old school death metal with high doses of grindcore, but don’t expect childish wannabees here.

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Album Review GORGATRON Inner Supremacy

Gorgatron cover art

GORGATRON “Inner Supremacy”

Zero Budget Records

It’s an excellent piece of brutal and destructive death metal coming from North Dakota. As a second full length album, this shows a band mature and solid, and definitely it will call your attention if you are worshiper of death metal ala old school mixed with old grind-core elements.

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CORRUPT LEADERS Grindmother Review

Corrupt leaders2 cover art



Is this the band that recorded a grandmother’s guttural voice? Yep, and later this video became viral. Btw, that old woman is not bad at all for extreme metal business, hehehe! Coming from Canada, these guys released their third EP of Grindcore metal full of holocaustic guitar riffs and old school vibes.

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EATEN Depraved EP Review

EATEN cover art

EATEN “Depraved”

Self released

Don’t confuse this band with the other one-man project with the same name. These guys are from Massachusetts and really have everything you can ask in a good grindcore/death metal band. All tracks are extremely fast, dense and aggressive, but I have to make clear that they don’t do stupid chaos. Instead of that, they are really good, and have high skills musically speaking as they created complex structures and consistent blast beats with morbid guitar riffs and ominous lines.

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