Album Review M.I.L.F. Make It Long ‘n Fast – More than you


M.I.L.F. (Make It Long ‘n Fast )“More than you”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great album of rock n’ roll! Coming from Florence, Italy, these guys created an excellent opus of hard rock very influenced by old names like AC/DC, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.

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Album Review ON-OFF Borderline


ON-OFF “Borderline”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great Italian band of soft and melodic rock n’ roll and it’s highly influenced by hard rock genre, AOR, and heavy metal. For moments this reminds me old albums of Extreme, Warrant, Poison, etc, so you know what is about this album.

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Album Review BAD WEATHER PROJECT Stormriders

Badweatherproject cover art


Buil2kill Records

The main problem here is not that the band recovered the most melodic and weak side of so called “grunge” rock genre from 90’s. It’s not the melody, actually through the years I learned to be polite with other rock music genres, and I like to focus in whatever you want to call it, talent or something?

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Album Review DIAMANTE Ad Vitam Reditus

Diamante cover art

DIAMANTE “Ad Vitam Reditus”

Atomic Stuff Records

Everybody knows that Italy has one of the most important traditions of rock music in Europe. Of course, we can name a large list of bands that influenced the sound of actual projects, mainly in progressive music.

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Album Review STEVE FOGLIA Steve in Wonderland

Steve Foglia cover art

STEVE FOGLIA “Steve in Wonderland”


This is a good album of hard rock at its best of the genre. For those who don’t know about this guy, he is drummer of Jennifer Scream, and has been touring with big names like Glenn Hughes, Pretty Boy Floyd and Michael Monroe.

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Album Review HIGHWAY DREAM Wonderful Race

Highway Dream cover art

HIGHWAY DREAM “Wonderful Race”

Street Symphonies Records / Andromeda Dischi

This is an excellent album forged in hard rock style. Vocalist Isabella Gorni did very good job and gives a charismatic personality to the concept. We are talking about young musicians from Cremona, Italy with experience and musical high skills.

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