Album Review DECONSECRATE Nothing Is Sacred

Deconsecrated cover art

DECONSECRATE “Nothing Is Sacred”

Goodlife Recordings

It’s young band from Belgium, formed in 2012, but no doubt they have huge experience in metal music since almost all of them were part of a band called Retaliate in early 2000.

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Album Review SOLANUM and EPI-DEMIC Passages to Lunacy

Solanum Epidemic split cover art

SOLANUM/EPI-DEMIC “Passages to Lunacy”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

It’s another split production forged in hardcore, thrash metal and rabid punk. This time we move on the map to Canada, and two bands with big balls.

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Album Review DISSIDENT CLONE State of Dysphoria

Dissident Clone cover art

DISSIDENT CLONE “State of Dysphoria”

Tridroid Records

Formed by Patrick Morris on guitar and vocals and Chad Brunsell on drums, this piece of necrotic hardcore-punk-metal EP delivers high octane vibes full of chaotic and complex lines.

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Chaos Order cover art


Blasphemour Records

I usually don’t review hardcore/ punk bands on this blog; despite is a genre I really like from years ago, especially when music is coming rabid, aggressive and rusty, if you know what I mean.

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COMBAT Mission of Mayhem Review

Combat cover art

COMBAT “Mission of Mayhem”

HTH Productions

What is more authentic than a punk-thrash metal band formed in 1984? No doubt, this is one of the most peculiar bands I’ve ever reviewed on this blog. Coming from Whitestone, New York, these guys signed with Combat Records in early days, and then released a successful EP under the name of NAPALM.

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VöNBASTARD Rotting City Review

VonBastard cover art

VöNBASTARD “Rotting City”

Sade Records

This is another CD I purchased directly from the band in an show in Mexico City. It’s simple: if you are going to play hardcore-punk music you have to make it raw, rotting and ugly, and these guys made it.

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Multinational Corporations cover art



I think this is the first time I ever review a band from Pakistan, and it’s a pleasure. According to the info sheet, these guys are into Grindcore music, and they definitely sound more punk hard-core and crust, in the vein of Discharge, Disrupt, early Napalm Death, etc. I like it because they have clear what they want and how they must sound.

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DEATHRAGE Down in the Depth of Sickness Review

Deathrage cover art

DEATHRAGE “Down in the Depth of Sickness”

Punishment 18 Records

This is another piece of Italian history made rusty and solid metal. Coming from Milan, these guys were active in mid 80’s, and released a couple of crude demos and two full length albums before they disbanded. Actually, I really hear more a punk band than a primitive metal band.

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RUINED FAMILIES Blank Language Review

Ruined Families Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

RUINED FAMILIES “Blank Language”


Maybe is the pissed-off effect caused when I heard for the first time this band, or maybe is because I’m totally identified by unclassified hard core bands rooted on Black Flag/Sonic Youth/Noise punk, but this is a piece of angry plastic that kicked my balls, and I really enjoy it. Coming from Greece, these mother fuckers deliver a very organic hard core with a particular sense of melody, and this is one of the aspects that give personality behind the chaotic guitar riffs and rough vocals. All is very energetic, noisy and sounds like if they were the next door’s rude band. And, do you know what? All tracks are excellent and transmit different states of mind, if you know what I mean. As aforementioned, all guitar riffs are noisy and effective, and they are recorded with this feedback/valvular/organic distortion, so you will love it or hate it, no middle options. If you ask me, they even dare to experiment with some sections and seems that the origin of most songs is coming from improvisation in the rehearsal room. This is the real attitude, and seems that involuntary they found a point in hard core punk music where the intensity of all instruments approaches to black metal sounds. Believe me, today I’m not drunk. All in all, this is a quite interesting punk album coming from antique Greece, and you’ll enjoy it only if you are familiar with the genre and if you are an open minded collector. – Victor Varas


(Reviewed thanks to The Black Birch PR)