Album Review IRON KINGDOM Ride for Glory

Iron Kingdom cover art

IRON KINGDOM “Ride for Glory”

Tridroid Records

Bands like this one makes me believe that there is still a huge fan base of traditional heavy metal out there, and the genre is not already dead, absolutely not! Coming from British Columbia, Canada, these guys formed the band in 2011 and it’s the third album so far.

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Album Review PAWNS IN CHESS The Blood of Martyrs Demo

Pawn in Chess cover art

PAWNS IN CHESS “The Blood of Martyrs Demo”

Self released

It’s a hard decision when you realize that your band doesn’t fit any singer. Especially when music started to flow and you have found the right communication with your musicians. Coming from Cleveland, these guys prefer to keep this band as instrumental project although everything sounds really good and tied to most honest side of metal music.

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Album Review LADY BEAST II

Lady Beast cover art


Infernö Records

After a debut EP in 2012, this is the return of one of the best heavy metal bands I’ve heard lately, from USA’s underground scene. This is a front woman band which every single note sounds honest to the core and full of iron.

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Album Review KING LEVIATHAN The Shrine

King Leviathan cover art



Everybody knows that I hate when bands combine guttural vocals and clean vocals, except when they truly are doing such interesting things. In this case, I have to admit that Adam Sedgwick has one of the most versatile throats I’ve heard lately.

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Album Review ALBATROSS Fear from the Skies

Albatross cover art

ALBATROSS “Fear from the Skies”

Transcending Obscurity India

And there goes another band from India, sounding quite interesting, twisted and far from what we are accustomed to hear in metal music. Coming from Mumbai, this is a peculiar gang formed with veteran members from other bands, and seems to be a good proposal with distinctive tunes and concept.

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BATTALION Tyrant of Evil Release date

Battalion Tyrant cover art

Brazilian Speed Metal maniacs, BATTALION, just finished his next attack. “Tyrant of Evil” will feature two new songs (“Tyrant of Evil” and “Hell Razor”) and all songs from “Battalion” demo (2007).

The new work was recorded at Audio Works Studio (SC / Brazil) , produced by BATTALION and Andrew Fabian. “Tyrant of Evil” will mark the debut of guitarist Alvaro Santana Junior, at studio, in the band.

Heavy/Speed Metal maniacs can expect another riffs avalanche!

Release date: April/May, 2015.

Line – up:

Fabiano Barbosa (Drums)

Marcelo Fagundes (Bass)

Álvaro Santana Junior (Guitar)


Track List:

1.Tyrant of Evil

2.Hell Razor

3.Battalion of Metal

4.Valley of the Dead

5.Fighting for the Glory

6.Final Battle

7. Soldiers from the Shadows

More info:

New attack from brazilian Speed Metal maniacs will be available on 4th May, 2015.

Listen CD title song below.

Album Review HAMMER KING Kingdom Of The Hammer King

Hammer King cover art

HAMMER KING “Kingdom Of The Hammer King”

Cruz Del Sur Music

If you are into epic heavy metal, with high doses of melodic lines, true rock guitar riffs and 80’s attitude ala Manowar, this is for you. Coming from Saint-Tropez, France, these guys composed a very decent debut album forged in the true sound of epic power metal with thick reminiscences of NWOBHM.

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Red Room Ensemble cover art

RED ROOM ENSEMBLE “Red Room Ensemble”


I have different feelings about this album. For moments it has really good moments forged in melodic heavy metal and high doses of progressive metal with class. But, for moments it turns a bit repetitive and monotonous due they composed almost all tracks in mid pace mode and basic atmospheres.

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MAUSOLEUM GATE album review

Mausoleum Gate cover art

MAUSOLEUM GATE “Mausoleum Gate”

Cruz Del Sur Music

This sounds totally vintage, heavy and obscured. If names like Angel Witch, Uriah Heep, Diamond Head, and of course Black Sabbath, are familiar for you, the debut album from these Finnish guys is definitely for you. Yep, since first notes you almost listen to vinyl scratching, and you know what’s about over here.

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Demon Steel cover art


Self Released

Here we go with another young band forged in pure steel. I purchased this demo in CD-R format directly from the band, and I was really impressed because these kids look very young.  The music is rooted in traditional heavy metal with touches from different sources (NWOBHM, German heavy metal, USA heavy metal) but they really caught the spirit of the genre and never mind their musical capabilities, created three decent songs fueled by metal blood.

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