Album Review M.I.L.F. Make It Long ‘n Fast – More than you


M.I.L.F. (Make It Long ‘n Fast )“More than you”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great album of rock n’ roll! Coming from Florence, Italy, these guys created an excellent opus of hard rock very influenced by old names like AC/DC, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.

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Album Review HEXENIZER Witches Mentors Cult


HEXENIZER “Witches’ Mentors’ Cult”

Infernö Records

Well, well, this is nothing but a piece of deadly speed metal, proudly forged in the mind of Mexican warrior Andy “Charrocker”, who also was the mastermind of enigmatic project called MAGNIFICAT, some years ago.

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Album Review ON-OFF Borderline


ON-OFF “Borderline”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great Italian band of soft and melodic rock n’ roll and it’s highly influenced by hard rock genre, AOR, and heavy metal. For moments this reminds me old albums of Extreme, Warrant, Poison, etc, so you know what is about this album.

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Album Review PROLL GUNS Horseflesh BBQ

Proll Guns cover artwork

PROLL GUNS “Horseflesh BBQ”

NRT Records

In spite these Austrian guys are miles away from Texas and the entire south of USA, they composed a very decent album with good roots in so called “Southern rock-metal” style, and include many elements to complete the scene, like banjo sounds, revolvers, bottles of whisky, skull of a cow, etc.

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Album Review DO Tuho

Do Tuho cover art

DÖ “Tuho”


It’s another well-known band here in my desk. I reviewed a sludge EP in 2014 and you can read it here. Carrying solid influences from Black Sabbath guitar riffs, and creating dense atmospheres of what is called “Stoner rock”, these guys released an excellent piece of heaviness and obscurity here.

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