ACID WITCH Stoned Review

Acid Witch Stoned cover art


Hells Headbangers Records

The last album of my favorite Psychedelic death metal band is not bad at all, although I really miss the deep growls of Lasse Pyykkö. The band just kept the essence of horror lines, basic-stoner guitar riffs and the sinister atmosphere covering every single note.

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DENIAL OF GOD Death and the Beyond Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

enial of God Death and the Beyond cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

DENIAL OF GOD “Death and the Beyond”

Hellsheadbangers Recs

What a piece of darkness I have here!! After many years of silence, this black entity from Denmark recorded an excellent album full of dark atmospheres and misty vibes. I don’t think they are interested in transform a solid style developed through the years into a modern sound. Absolutely not, the music has an obscured aura which is a mark for the band since 1991. Also, I found a breath of solitude into some melodic lines and this is something that gives personality. The band knows what they are doing and where they are standing, so, they don’t have to demonstrate anything to nobody. They simply transformed old dark feelings into aggressive guitars and deadly sections. If you ask me, this is one of those bands that have a particular perspective about black metal music, and their influence comes more from horror, darkness and sinister stuff. My favorite track is the last one “Pendulum Swings”, which is a tenebrous piece of darkness and mist colored by blood and corrosive vibes. This is a 15 min song, and is divided in different sections. I have to admit that the track takes you into a mental journey across your painful memories, and your darkest side of unconscious. After all, this is a great return for a distinctive black metal band from Denmark, a place that produces excellent black entities. – Victor Varas

IMPIETY The Impious Crusade EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Impiety cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

IMPIETY “The Impious Crusade”

Hells Headbangers Records

Talking about savage Armageddon in modern extreme metal music, you can’t deny that this horde commanded by Shyaithan has built a special place in the underground scene. This is the last vomit from the demon called Muhammad Ariffeen, and I think that he hasn’t moved from his bestial and caustic death metal sound as always. Actually, this four tracks EP sounds even more chaotic than ever, and every single guitar riffs is composed to blow your head into pieces. As you can imagine, guitar work has developed into extremely violent lines, and everything is tied by an obscured aura, which is the trademark of the band. As extra info, this piece of bestiality includes a cover version “Lucifer’s Legions” original from Swedish Sorcery, and a funny track from ABBA which I really don’t understand why is here, really. Well, I liked the line which says “all i do is eat and sleep and sing”, because I’ve felt the same when I’m on Tour, just adding “and drink”, hehehe!!. The release has burning tracks anyway, and is highly recommended. – Victor Varas

TRENCH HELL (Australia) Review

Trench Hell Southern Cross Ripper Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TRENCH HELL “Southern Cross Ripper”

Hells Headbangers Records

Australia again, motherfuckers!! And this time from the Central Coast region. Yep, something is going on in this continent, and almost all bands creates such twisted, evil spirited and aggressive music, just to cut your fucking throat. These motherfuckers released this EP some years ago and it deserves to be commented. Taking elements from Speed metal and Thrash metal, the music delivers an astonishing mix of fast music, obscurity, aggression, and the result is quite effective. It sounds like a destructive black machine incinerates the green fields of God. Hehehe!! Ok, I’ll stop drinking now. Seriously, this trio has deep roots into the most blasphemous and punkish music, and they also have been involved in several bands such as Shackles, Gospel of the Horns, or Kill for Satan, so, they know what they are doing. My favorite track is “Infernal Screaming”, which is a black opus full of horror and violence like a nightmare. The guitar sounds truly fast and killer, and delivers a punkish stench throughout all the song. The band released another Split CD or something before they paused. Anyway, this one is recommended as hell. – Victor Varas

DISHAMMER (Spain) Review

Dishammer Vintage Addiction Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DISHAMMER “Vintage Addiction”

Hells Headbangers

Yes I know. Now everybody knows this shameless band, lovers of punk music, stinky metal, motorcycles and sex. They released some rancid and destructive Records before they stopped (temporally) to dedicate themselves to other bands, and this is their only and unique Full length album. They are obviously influenced by the most putrid, dirty, hot and rude punk rock n’ roll (and who knows what else), and the music sounds like a hellish stampede in a Robbie Williams’ concert. Ok, not, but it sounds violent. Really. Coming from Spain, this gang of motherfuckers did an excellent work, forged in punkish style, with sprinkles of Motörhead here and there. The result is awesome and it worth to hear the whole CD with a couple of beers (and a couple of sluts). Tracks like “Age of Disgrace” makes me think that I’m not too old to start a new band with my old drunk fellows and torture my Christian neighbors. Who knows? Maybe one day. Recommended to drunk people and stinky motorcyclists. – Victor Varas 


Evil Army Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

EVIL ARMY “Evil Army”

Hells Headbangers

This is another title released in 2006 that I’m pretty sure everybody knows since. Coming from Tennessee USA, they released a couple of demos before a first full length, and I can say that I enjoyed very much the music, because is pure violence forged in thrash metal and hard core/punkish spirit. Guitar riffs are fast and violent, and for moments remind me a lot the sound of British bands like Conflict, Disorder, etc. But roots on the thrash metal are strong too, and the band steps in both sides with no problem, like on “Realm of Death” which is an excellent song with a caustic main guitar riffs, and includes a guitar solo short but effective. My favorite one is “Conquer Human Life”, an excellent opus of thrash metal loaded of fire, infernal shrapnel and hate. It’s aggressive to the bone, and I can’t explain how this guy can speak so fast, like in “Severe Mental Disorder”. It’s a great thrash metal album full of violence; you can’t miss if you are looking for fast, killer and aggressive metal, these days. – Victor Varas

GRENADE (Australia) Review

Grenade The Howling Damned Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

GRENADE “The Howling Damned”

 Hell’s Headbangers

It’s another metal attack coming from the deepest black hole in Australia. These motherfuckers play a quite crude and organic (to say something…) metal and you know what I’m talking about when you see the name of the label. This is a compilation and includes tracks from the demos and EP’s, so sounds different mix from track to track. Actually, they developed an interesting rude style, obscured by death metal and rooted on the most satanic thrash/black metal genre. They sound somehow primitive and the concept is clear, as they created some good tracks sounding old and stinky. The guitar riffs are pretty basic, but all are effective, and belongs somehow to a punkish root. Also, the production is raw and dirty, a perfect example of true infernal metal sounds like. It’s a perfect choice if you want to know obscured and gritty bands from that side of the world. I don’t know if the band is still active, but they must release more material, that’s for sure. – Victor Varas 


Superchrist Holy Shit review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Hells Headbangers Records

For me is clear these mother fuckers enjoy VERY much playing rock and roll music. Actually, they just sound as good as a motorcycle roaring in a Friday night party. And that’s all about: Partying with friends, beers, girls and rock n roll. Taking references and style from mainly MOTORHEAD (well, Chris Black must be a fan guy, or has a bottle of beer stuck inside his throat) plus a mix of punk rock and roll – one two three and fuck the world alike, these guys made already the 6th album and are getting more and more well recognized in the Chicago’s scene. Now the music is powerful, solos are better (just listen to that over dozed feeling) and definitely are making some classics in (what is seems to be) short and drunk songs like “PAMF” or my favorite “Hot tonight” punkish and vertiginous ala PENNYWISE. Riffs are made from pure essence of rock and roll and they know it. This is a high and loud yell just to let us know heavy metal and rock n’ roll music can perfectly match together since they are close relatives.  – Victor Varas (Originally published in AEA zine (USA) Issue # 20) 




Hells Headbangers Records

Wow, DESTRUKTOR simply destroyed my CD player. As you read it. Haha!! It was a diabolic coincidence but when I played this Australian record my Kenwood (Yes, I still have one of those …) stopped working. Anyway, I’m listening the CD at the PC and now I understand literally speaking. This is a fucking mix of satanic death metal with a killer ratatatatatata  drum kit from hell, perennials and sharp guitar riffs, and one of the most rawest and deep from hell voices I’ve heard lately (although the CD is from 2009) The band sounding is very bestial and obviously influenced by DESTROYER 666, but always gives a good execution and every instrument is heard although almost burned. Actually, they can sound  as a totally infamous bulldozer, showing a good capacity to transmit obscurity and an excellent match, absolutely done with thousands of rehearsals sessions. This band is formed in 1997 and shows some highlights of middle 90’s sound, just like solo guitar at “Forward we march”, opening riffs at “Endless Reign of Terror” (deep red evil atmosphere BTW) and middle section of “Spawning the immortal”. According to the Bio, some ex members are/were involved in DESTROYER 666 and mighty NOCTURNAL GRAVES so, the seed is understood. Cover art work is done by genius Mark Riddick. Ah! And this is their first Full Length after many  Splits and EP’s. – Victor Varas