Album Review SERPENTS LAIR Circumambulating the Stillborn

Serpents Lair cover artwork

SERPENTS LAIR “Circumambulating the Stillborn”

Hellthrasher Prod.

This is a collaborative release between Hellthrasher, Fallen Empire and Duplicate Records, and I’m glad to know as it’s a piece of misanthropic and ritualistic Black Metal manifest.

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Album Review VORAGE Demo

Vorage cover art at Zombie ritual zine


Hellthrasher Productions

Holy shit!! It’s another masterpiece coming from UK’s underground scene! I’m very impressed with this piece of chaotic, carnivorous and purulent death metal. This is only a three tracks demo, and basically it was composed by Áhéheste who invited Al-Xul to record bestial vocals.

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Album Review RITUAL CHAMBER The Pits of Tentacled Screams

Ritual Chamber cover art

RITUAL CHAMBER “The Pits of Tentacled Screams”

Hellthrasher Prods/ Nuclear War Now!/ Duplicate Recs

What a piece of necrotic and oppressive death metal I have here!! The demo debut of this profane new born is a total nightmare, and it crushes your brain like a hammer. In fact, it’s a one-man band coming from San Francisco, and it delivers the most ominous, morbid and rabid atmosphere I’ve heard this year.

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Hellthrasher Productions (CD version)

I consider important to mention that this black entity is formed by members from Greek bands like Necrovorous, Burial Hordes and Acrimonious, and this is supposed to be an excellent reference to give. This is a debut album for a new beast coming from the mastermind Vaggelis Felonis: a hybrid of death/black metal in its pure essence: full of deadly lines, cathartic atmospheres and with a particular perspective.

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BURIAL HORDES Incendium Review

Burial Hordes cover art


Hellthrasher Productions

I don’t think this new album will surpass the debut album War, Revenge & Total Annihilation, but I must admit that the band has increased a lot since the last time I heard about them, in a 7″ split with its sister entity Enshadowed, in 2012.

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PUTRIFIED Sacrilegious purification Review

putrified sacrilegious purification cover art

PUTRIFIED “Sacrilegious purification”

Hellthrasher Productions

Not bad for a one man band, uh? It seems like this guy knows exactly what he wants and he has matured the sound of his dead entity since last album. Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, Mr. A.Death likes the stench of decomposed flesh and rotten bones, but he also added a funeral atmosphere by giving some touches of macabre keyboards at intros, and on specific moments of the EP.

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DECAYING The Last Days of War Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Decaying cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

DECAYING “The Last Days of War”

Hellthrasher Prods

Well, well, this is my first contact with these motherfuckers from Finland and I have to say that they impressed me with all the corrosive guitar riffs forged in the most brutal and gloomy death metal vein of early Asphyx, Morgoth, etc.  Actually, they combine the European old school with touches of brutality and explosive sections. I really liked the band because inside the rotten compositions, they sound melodic and quite epic, to say something. They really know how to use excellent doomed guitar lines into melody, but they don’t sound plastic. They definitely found the point where a single line will touch deep your brain. Another aspect to underline is they added a hidden touch of modernity, which sounds good to me and it doesn’t crush with all painful atmospheres and full of symptomatic thrash metal rhythms. My favorite track is “Firestorm” which is divided in various apocalyptic sections and it features two excellent guitar solos. Excellent work from Matias and Henri! As aforementioned, I’m impressed with the third album of these maniacs and I definitely recommend it for all those followers of good Nordic death metal, out there in the Globe. – Victor Varas

DESOLATOR Unearthly Monument Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Desolator review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DESOLATOR “Unearthly Monument”

Hellthrasher Productions

I think this is a perfect example of what Swedish death metal has reached after all that massive attack of clones of “Left hand Path” sound. Don’t misunderstand me, these motherfuckers based in Stockholm have high musical skills and they have released an excellent debut album full of darkness, bad blood and deadly guitar riffs. I really liked this ominous stench running in every drop of blood, and the band knows how to create poisonous miasmas through aggressive lines. Another aspect to underline is the excellent production which sounds totally organic and direct. Music sound aggressive, obscured and with some traces of thrash metal, so the result gives a quite necromantic perspective of death metal music, powerful and atrocious. If you ask me, this band has a great personality forged in black flames and necrotic roots. My favorite is the last track called “Antimortem Autopsy” which is an excellent piece of morbid death metal ala early Grave, early Unleashed, etc. Also I find some discrete elements rooted in Epic sounds and Doom miasmas, and all the shit give effective results on the music. For me this is another discovery of the year. – Victor Varas

ABYSSAL Denouement Review

Abyssal review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ABYSSAL “Denouement”

Hellthrasher Productions

Well, this is another of my discoveries of the year. Abyssal plays a particular form of oppressive death metal music rooted in darkness, chaotic guitar riffs and “epic “feelings. This is the kind music that shows a specific side of human being: the most obscured, twisted and doomed. If you ask me how melodic this opus is, I’d say yes, it shares a very particular point of view of aggressive music through mixing dark atmospheres, chaos miasma, and black fires. They even dare to experiment with some atmospheric stuff, like on “When Paradigms Supplant Gods” which is a long song based in aggressive guitar riffs, experimental improvisations and tons of twisted tempo changes. This track sounds truly doomed. Vocals are another aspect to underline because they sound deep and putrid, just like a vomit of black blood. The band has many influences, but we noticed solid roots on English Death metal coming from the early 90s, and the stench is rabid, if you know what I mean. Also, the production sounds quite organic and direct like a kick in the balls, and this gives a final touch to the whole concept. This is a very interesting album rooted in darkness, doom and rabid music, and I’d like to recommend listening to it alone in the night. As extra info, this is an official reissue. The original one was an independent album. – Victor Varas