Album Review HEXENIZER Witches Mentors Cult


HEXENIZER “Witches’ Mentors’ Cult”

Infernö Records

Well, well, this is nothing but a piece of deadly speed metal, proudly forged in the mind of Mexican warrior Andy “Charrocker”, who also was the mastermind of enigmatic project called MAGNIFICAT, some years ago.

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Hexenizer promo pic

The time has come to finally announce the name of a new band that recently joined INFERNO RECORDS!

This band is called HEXENIZER and comes from Germany – due to copyrights, the band changed its name and was formerly called IRON WITCH. Line-up consists of Andy Charrocker (Guitars & Vocals), Thomas Schulz (Bass & Chorus) and Andi Schädele (Live drums). Their musical style could be defined as a mix of dark heavy-metal, speed-metal with classical music influences!

Make sure you’ll be surprised by this new band as they sound like no other bands of the label so far!

They are currently working on their first full-length album to released on CD & Cassette on INFERNO Records!

More details (artwork, track-list, song for streaming) coming soon! STAY TUNED!!

More infos on the band: