HORNA Askel lähempänä Saatanaa Review

Horna review at Zombie Ritual Zine

HORNA “Askel lähempänä Saatanaa”

W.T.C. Productions

Everybody involved in this shit knows that Horna is one of the most known names in underground black metal scene coming from Finland. They’ve been active for so long and of course they reached a privileged position in this cold and deadly the genre. This is the new album and I have to say that they still know the business and created cold atmospheres through venomous guitar riffs. Also, I have to say that every time I hear raw black metal coming from Nordic places is more and more difficult to write a word. Don’t misunderstand me, this band create great stuff and truly transmit deadly feelings through guitar lines and chaotic vocals. Actually, it’s one of the characteristics of their sound: vocal chaos, apocalyptic guitar riffs and sticky sections created for occultism litanies, and magic stuff. But, there are so many bands around the world playing similar music and transmitting same bad blood that I can’t say this is something I haven’t heard before. Of course this is one of those bands who have been loyal to the evil roots and every full length album is a proof of it. That’s something I really approve and I won’t complain for it. If some of you are part of the fan club, now you can send me spells and maledictions. Thanx. – Victor Varas





VITSAUS “Sielunmessu”

Beyond being copies of acts like Beherit, Arch Goat, etc. these musicians  are doing their best to give a first full length hard, cold, sharp and effective. From mastermind of Inho (guitars and voices) and Vainaja , this Finnish production isn’t lack of dark feelings, they play with atmospheres, sharp riffs, open chords and a very aggressive screams straight to the bone. Drums are fast and raw, courtesy by actual Horna skin beater Vainaja. I think they did a great job recreating this rawness feeling/sound from 90’s black metal period, but only appreciated only if you are very into this genre. Highlights to opener “Kuolleen Seurassa” which has a great cold feeling and don’t need too much to describe itself. “Haudalla” has also a devastating aura which is meaning of the style. Slower tempo on pure fuckin’ armageddon sound! As I said, this CD sounds raw, primitive and crude, I think the “live” mix of drums is totally a mess but effective to the genre.  Good acquisition for raw blacker listeners. – Victor Varas