Illnulla Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

ILLNULLA “Illnulla”

Self Released

I found this piece of black metal quite interesting because there are some aspects I like and others that not so much. Coming from Italy, this duo was formed very recently, and they truly worked hard to deliver the album because they take the risk of a very professional production and they are absolutely winners. They deliver eight tracks full of aggressive guitar riffs and also they managed to create a dark miasma which covers all the ambient. Actually, their roots are on old death metal, and guitarist Cris has an excellent technique because music sounds complex and violent, and with good taste. Dark melodies take you into a trip of inner thoughts, and in a moment between tracks 5 and 6 you will feel yourself asphyxiated by ominous atmospheres. But music doesn’t lose congruency, and flows like a black shadow between aggression and blood. Drums sound a little synthetic, which is an aspect I really hate; also vocals are in Italian language (which is not very common in the genre) but everything sounds tied and quite professional. It’s another underground band that I’ll keep an eye on it. – Victor Varas

Thanx to Infektion PR for the promo.