INDOMITE (Colombia) Review

Indomite Theater of Time review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INDOMITE “Theater of Time”

Self Released

This is my first contact with metal progressive genre coming from Colombia, and I have to say that I’m quite impressed because of all these high quality songs, and sophisticated atmospheres. Everybody knows that this genre is more valuable in Europe than in South America, and music industry has been cruel for unknown bands coming from this side of the world; is hard for progressive bands to get into that market, (maybe except Brazil, Chile and Argentina of course). This is the Colombian answer, and this is a very good debut album. It contains 9 tracks full of melody, sticky choruses and a very professional sound. The most interesting aspect is the high quality of all compositions, because all of them have great arrangements, and the result is near to what sounds in Europe since some time ago. You know, melodic guitar riffs, solid drums based on heavy metal stuff, and clear vocals full of energy and technique. Santiago Giraldo doesn’t screams, he actually sings very professional and sounds excellent in mid range. The whole band seems to work hard behind the rehearsal room because songs sound quite mature and lyrics are done carefully without mistakes. Did I mention that lyrics are written in English? As you can see, they have better English than mine, and that’s another aspect to underline (hehehe!). My favorite song is “Parasite”, which denotes the band’s evolution musically speaking. Great compositions into different sections, excellent guitar solos, drum arrangements, and an astonishing vocalizations (combining clean with guttural). Although is not my favorite genre, I really enjoyed this album. Contact the band and ask for your copy!! – Victor Varas