INFEST The Next Will Be Yours… Review

Infest cover art

INFEST “The Next Will Be Yours…”


Ok, this is another band that you don’t have to confuse from the other thousands of metal bands sharing the same name. (Specially a Serbian band, also reviewed in this webzine) These French guys are a total front attack of rabid death metal in an interesting hybrid of grind core/noise/punk metal.


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INFEST (Serbia) Review

Infest Onward to Destroy Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INFEST “Onward to Destroy”

Terror Blast Productions

Well, on the same Promo CD-R from the Label, I also found this piece of metallic brutality. They come from Serbia, and if you are looking for an excellent death metal, with excellent music arrangements, and killer guitar riffs, this is for you. Shit man! This is a great band. They are obviously very influenced by American sound from the 90’s, but also they found the right moment at the music, and balance the stuff between a modern Polish sound and classic shit. Yeah, they sound aggressive and technical, and also they have the good taste to mix some thrash metal elements here and there, and the result is quite interesting. Vocals are raw and crispy (in a good sense), and sometimes abuses with over saturated gutturals, in order to keep the old school essence. My fucking favorite is “Back to the War” which has a punkish stench achieved on crude rhythms ala old Motörhead and guitar riffs are somehow melodic and straight to your testicles (or pussy) like kick. What I have in my hands is the tape version, but this album is also available on CD version through another company. As extra info, the band released a newer album on 2011. – Victor Varas