LUCIFERA / VIRGIN KILLER Split (Colombia) Review

LUCIFERA VIRGIN KILLER Split review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

LUCIFERA/VIRGIN KILLER Split “Unidas en Alcohol, Cuero y Metal” (Tape)

War Productions

Expect whatever you like from South American thrash music, but you could never imagine these two female gangs coming from Colombia. And both of them are extremely raw!! I think they’ll kick some asses and won’t ask for your permission to dig your little ears, as you can feel the true metal spirit running through their veins. This production is done on tape format, and before you start cleaning your player you must be prepared to listen to chaotic and unclean thrash metal truly done by women. First attack is LUCIFERA. They made 6 pieces of gritty thrash, strong, violent and with evident influences of early Germanic sound (KREATOR, DESTRUCTION etc) vocals of Rebeca are killers, and you will be shocked when you hear her singing in Spanish. The last song they mixed with a cover from KREATOR “Tormentor” You are warned! Second attack comes from VIRGIN KILLER and the recording is even dirtier!! Well, these ladies practice this so called traditional heavy metal (early JUDAS PRIEST) and the steel sounds from the first note. Is basic, powerful and yet still is distinct if we consider the vocalist Liceth is the drummer too!! These chicks also manage good twin guitar solos ala Maiden like in track “Maldito traidor”, and cool lyrics of course. Last two tracks are live version, which I found faster music besides a very good response from the audience. It’s a two ways production very interesting!! – Victor Varas


No Pity Iron from Hell

NO PITY “Iron from Hell”

How many? I mean how many young thrash metal vest-full-of-patches bands do you know my dear reader? Is it a revival of the genre? Or is just a nameless pollution of weak pussies’ copycats? I’ll try not to be cruel with these Canadian guys but, man! I’ve heard thousand little cricket on the ground that now I can’t make out who is who as all sound the same. Here are five tracks full of explosive riffs and evilness. Yes, this sound (sometimes) like old Kreator, old Nasty Savage, old Exodus (re loaded), old Slayer (having a bad day) just listen to the Arayan’s high scream in the beginning of “No war no world” track, or in the middle of “Iron from hell” track… whatever, I have to recognize they are good recreating all these sounds. But originality is missed somewhere. I’m sure they can do their best to find an own sound. They MUST find it, and not to be a needle loss in a bag of nails. Good first demo for these thrashers, nothing more at all. – Victor Varas