LOSING SKIN I: Infinite Death Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Losing Skin cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

LOSING SKIN I: Infinite Death

Blasphemour Records

My only complaint about this album is that it has 17 tracks, and after track 10 it becomes a little bit monotonous. But, give it a chance. It really deserves a hearing because of the particular taste of organic hard corish guitar riffs and a full violent front man. Sometimes they remind me bands like Pro-Pain, in the most corrosive and lacerated side of the band. Maybe they are not inventing a new genre, since they take elements from punk, hard core music and death metal, but the result is quite expressive and they forged an interesting style with fury and audio stench. My favorite track is “Iron Rain” which is a great track in the vein of punkish American old school. All tracks have excellent compositions and seem to be done to bleed your ears. As aforementioned, I think that 17 tracks are too many for this album. But you can enjoy it anyway.  – Victor Varas