LORD IMPALER Babylon Whore EP Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Lord Impaler cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

LORD IMPALER “Babylon Whore” EP

These Greek demons continue writing their own history, and this time it’s a two songs EP that is supposed to be included in a Split with ATHOS. Well, what I have here is the digital promo with the two opus completely drowned in blood and pain. The band is coming again from misty and tenebrous roads of aggressive black metal, and music is very well balanced between melody and sinister atmospheres. Everything is tied by a Scandinavian touch that would freeze your balls (or pussy) since the first notes. Also, the production is high octane and sounds really corrosive and brutal. If you ask me, both tracks are like two black serpents spiting poison direct to your face while they are deadly dancing in vomit. Yes, this is ultra recommended!! – Victor Varas