MAGISTER TEMPLI Lucifer Leviathan Logos Album Review

Magister Templi at Zombie Ritual Zine

MAGISTER TEMPLI “Lucifer Leviathan Logos”

Cruz del Sur Music

No doubt there is a new wave of great doom bands coming from Scandinavian area, and this is a good example that deserves to be listened. The roots are visible all the time and you can name gods like Merciful Fate, Manilla Road or Candelmass just in case you need references to describe this obscured heavy metal full of epic lines, dark colored guitar solos and vocal’s work with strong personality. If you ask me, the band seems to be in a good position in the race of new bands practicing the genre, and definitely the music leaves a good taste in the mouth because of the high octane guitar riffs and the distinctive epic lines. Another aspect to underline is the dark aura floating on the whole album, which dominates the music and somehow makes connection with your soul. Lyrics seem to be totally drowned in occultism and magic stuff, so you will know what’s about this album and believe me: it delivers a sharp personality and caught me since the first track. This is my recommendation for those who start boring with Casper and those (now) famous trendy bands. – Victor Varas

Magister Templi Premiers ‘Lucifer’ On

Magister Templi at Zombie Ritual Zine

Because they love metal, has posted the exclusive world premier of ‘Lucifer’ off the full-length debut from Norway’s MAGISTER TEMPLI. The third song from the album, entitled Lucifer Leviathan Logos, to be revealed in recent weeks, ‘Lucifer‘ is now streaming at this location.

Italian label  Cruz Del Sur Music will release Lucifer Leviathan Logos on May 7th in North America. This follow-up to 2012’s self-released Iao Sabao! EP, offers an alchemical balance of Occult/Doom music blended with pure NWOBHM-inspired traditional metal. Add a lethal dose of MERCYFUL FATE-galloping tempo-changes straight outta the golden era, and you end up with 100-percent pure heavy metal excellence