MALAKYTE (Australia) Review

Malakyte S2076 Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Malakyte “S2076”

Self Released

What a good promo sent me Dave Wolff, from AEA zine. These guys are from Australia, and here present us a first opus full of great and rude thrash metal. The musical roots are long and strong, and denotes hairy ears listening the crudest and dirtiest thrash metal coming from the 80’s decade in Europe. This EP sounds solid, and is done with guts, good guitar riffs and excellent performance. Actually, guitar riffs are the strongest aspect, and delivers great moments along the recording, as on middle section of the track “Zero Hour” , although every track comes from a different session, and guitars must have more presence at the table mix. Also, some riffs are done for madness on stage, like “In Between Terminals”, which is an excellent thrash attack in the vein of American old style, and is divided in different sections full of violence. Especially on this track, the drums sound like a fucking holocaust, and recall me the touch of old Dave Lombardo, when Slayer was on a brilliant era. There are some mistakes on this recording, here and there, but all are very easy to fix. I think, sooner or later the band will be on big stages, if they still working like this. As extra info, according to my huge research, drums are played by Liam Guy, the editor of “The Fallout Magazine”, and it seems to be a quite active guy, btw. – Victor Varas