Preventa de boletos: 8vo Aniversario de Clinic Diafragma.

Maligno flyer Final Zombie Ritual Fanzine

La venta de boletos para la fiesta del 8vo aniversario de Clinic Diafragma- rock & metal radio show(1670 AM) ya está disponibles a través de Ticketmaster.
El costo en este portal de internet es de 156 pesos.
También pueden comprar la preventa a partir del sábado 25 de agosto en El Chopo (local 79), Subterranean 666 (Plaza San Cosme: locales 98,99 y 108), Espacio Alternativo (Bolívar 283. Col. Obrera) y la tienda Hard 736 sólo del Bazar de Pericoapa (local G-3, pasillo G).

La preventa en estos sitios es de 120 pesos.

Line up:
Maligno (Doom/Stoner)
Black Overdrive (Stoner)
April Morning (Doom/Death)

MALIGNO (México) Review

Maligno The Funeral Domine cover at Zombie Ritual Fanzine review

MALIGNO “The Funeral Domine”

Self Released

No doubt this is one of the best bands of metal in México. This is for me and my fuckin’ ears, and I don’t really care what do you think about (Yes, YOU mother fucker who are criticizing every single Mexican band behind your screen and blames the world for everything because no one knows you garage little band. I’m talking to YOU!!)
Ok (and after a couple of beer…) Coming from the north of México, these guys returned to the glorious way of independent/unsigned bands after they released two successful master pieces in 2006 and 2008 through underground underrated labels. As they were trivially classified as bastard sons of BLACK SABBATH because of all this so called “stoner”, heavy and sludge riff guitars, they’ve been working hard to shake this weight and look for an own personality. And I think this all about the whole new album; they just simply sat, scratched their big granite balls and created a full HEAVY octane album to kick asses. Guitar work seems to be the best they have made so far, you know this double mid – pace riffs sounding like serpents dancing in between, and also made tracks like “Solstice”” having this remarkable 70’s tune we loved from past albums. Of course the collaboration of Alex Skolnick has the heart vibe perfectly fitted inside the song’s soul. Is true this song is also an intimate relationship with the sound of SABBATH along with “Emperor Fall”, a powerful song in the mood of “Children of the Grave”. These songs are fully powered with traces of underground garage sound, so the production is a punch in the face as it has to be. I really liked Marco Gil Bass lines as well, heavily covering all accents with inspired attitude and inner density. Cool work for the ex TOXODETH guy. Also, one instrumental track, collaboration of Rodrigo y Gabriela (now they are international success) is added to the album. As I said before, Mexican metal scene should support this stoner band before they become a classic or move out – Victor Varas