Album Review EX ANIMO Neverday


EX ANIMO “Neverday”

Metal Scrap

Well, and there goes another female vocal band with tons of keyboard arrangements, progressive elements and guttural growls here and there. This band is not bad at all; it’s just that I’ve heard so many copies of Nightwish, Evanescence, Epica, etc, that definitely I’m not attracted to this style anymore.

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Album Review FIVE MINUTES HATE Explanation to Failure

Five Minutes Hate album artwork

FIVE MINUTES HATE “Explanation to Failure”

Buil2Kill Records

No doubt melodic death metal has a remarkable evolution lately, and I admit there are some interesting bands in the new European wave, though I must say I’m not very into that genre.

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Album Review HYPERION Seraphical Euphony

Hyperion Seraphical Euphony cover artwork

HYPERION “Seraphical Euphony”

Black Lion Productions

Short after I reviewed the demo from this Swedish band, some months ago, I received a promo of what seems to be a debut album, and I have to say these guys have grown musically speaking, in a good way.

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Album Review HYPERION Blood of the Ancients

Hyperion demo cover art

HYPERION “Blood of the Ancients”

Demo (Black Lion Prods)

Don’t confuse this band with the other dozen around the globe sharing the same name (especially with the Mexican one which Erubey Bello from Diagnosis founded some years ago), these guys come from Stockholm, Sweden, and definitely are making good shit with creative sections, and high musical skills.

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Album Review MIDNIGHT RITES Tales From the North


MIDNIGHT RITES “Tales From the North”

Sade Records

This is not bad at all for a debut album. Formed by a duo from Sweden and Spain, this new entity offers a high quality death/black metal, quite melodic and aggressive. Continue reading

Album Review SHRAPNEL STORM Mother War

Shrapnel Storm cover art


Witches Brew

Of course I remember this Finnish death metal band. Some years ago I reviewed a short demo from them and for some reason they called my attention as they deliver good melodic and technical death metal with solid influences from 90’s sound.

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