Album Review PROFANATOR Mvtter Vicivm

Profanator MV cover art

PROFANATOR “Mvtter Vicivm”

Chaos Records

What a piece of extremely violent thrash metal I have here!!! If the name Antimo Buonanno sounds familiar to you, this band will do too. But don’t confuse, Antimo left Disgorge (Mexico) many years ago and now he focuses on many musical projects and bands.

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DROWNED IN BLOOD Underworld Review

Drowned in Blood underworld cover art


American Line

I can’t believe that Toño Drowned and his band meet 9 years now. Since the beginning, this ex Prohibitory knew what he really wanted and is good to see that the band has increased a lot. Musically speaking, each album becomes better and better.

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Zombie Ritual Fanzine online reviews are back


I just want to say sorry to all those bands/labels that are waiting for a review.

In the past month I had surgery and I’ve been recovering at home all this time, unable to write anything.

But, I’m back.

I’ll try to review all the belated material as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your support.



Presentando el nuevo BLOG Zombie Ritual Fanzine

QUESTION The Doomed Passages Review

Question cover art for a review

QUESTION “The Doomed Passages”

Chaos Records

It’s a pleasure for me listening to this album. It seems like Mexican death metal has a very healthy way at the moment, and this time there are many examples to name across the country. The fact is real, and these guys created an excellent debut album forged in the most insane, obscured and cryptic side of the genre.

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UNION METAL FEST returns after 8 years in Circo Volador Mexico City

Union Metal Fest 3 edition flyer in 2014

UNION METAL FEST returns after 8 years, accumulating experiences and successes of past editions (2005 and 2006) to bring new features this high quality metalhead festival and national screening.

WOW PRODS and METAL HOUSE are responsible for carrying out the UNION METAL FEST 3 (UMF 3) which will take place on July 2014 in the acclaimed Circo Volador, in Mexico City.

To complete the lineup, organizers have put to the vote of the fans for choose the bands including in the festival poster. For this a prior call was made.

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HAGGEN (México) EP Review

Haggen review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Self Released EP

The drummer gifted me this EP some weeks ago, and I’m really satisfied because of the high quality compositions contained. Yes, this is power metal forged in the most melodic, epic  and heavy side of the genre, and it also has strong roots on progressive bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, AtVance etc. If you ask me, I can’t say that this is the most original stuff I’ve heard lately, but I admit that has a quite mature personality and seems like all members of the band have huge experience in this business. All songs have great guitar riffs, and the musical arrangements are done with good taste. Vocalist Tony Maldonado has good musical resources, and he completes the mission with an own styled middle pitched vocals, sticky choruses and a particular perspective of melody. And it works, really. Another aspect to underline is the wall of sound created in Keyboards by David Franco. He added atmospheric lines plus excellent solos, and he really knows what he is doing, just listen to “The Hearts are bleeding” and you will know what I’m talking about. The band sounds solid and very professional, and it’s just a matter of time they can release a Full debut album properly. It’s a band recommended for those followers of melodic power metal with aggressive guitar riffs and complex structures. – Victor Varas

SOULCIDE (México) album debut "Forged in Chaos" almost ready!

SOULCIDE Forged in Chaos

Forged In Chaos” debut album from SOULCIDE, out in May 12th.

This album was recorded and will be released independently



Nuevo material de JUAN BOLAÑOS en 2012!!!!!!!!!

Nuevo Material de 2012, Más Próximamente.

Letra: Juan Bolaños
Musica: Magnvz

Todos los derechos reservados. Se prohibe su reproducción y venta para fines de lucro.


Juan Bolaños : Voz/Coros
Magnvz: Bateria/Coros
Leo: Guitarras
Mr, Ruido; Bajo