Sadist promo pic 2015


“Hyaena” is the new, long-waited album of Italian Progressive Death Metal legends Sadist. Produced and mixed by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genova, Italy, “Hyaena” is a compelling mix of the band’s traditional Death Metal and Progressive influences with ethnic and tribal sounds.

All lyrics, written by the singer Trevor, are centered around an intriguing concept about one of Africa’s most fascinating predators, whose legend says is ridden by the devil.

This is without any doubt the band’s most mature, diverse and experimental album to date, in which every detail has been meticulously looked after, musically and visually (the beautiful front cover by painter Luca Orecchia and booklet design by Manuel Del Bono are both top notch).

The cover artwork, tracklist and a videoclip for the first single ‘The Lonely Mountain‘ will be released soon. “Hyaena” features a very special guest appearance by percussionist Jean N’Diaye, who will also follow the band on stage on the next tour, and will be available starting from October 16th on Scarlet Records.

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BATTALION Tyrant of Evil Release date

Battalion Tyrant cover art

Brazilian Speed Metal maniacs, BATTALION, just finished his next attack. “Tyrant of Evil” will feature two new songs (“Tyrant of Evil” and “Hell Razor”) and all songs from “Battalion” demo (2007).

The new work was recorded at Audio Works Studio (SC / Brazil) , produced by BATTALION and Andrew Fabian. “Tyrant of Evil” will mark the debut of guitarist Alvaro Santana Junior, at studio, in the band.

Heavy/Speed Metal maniacs can expect another riffs avalanche!

Release date: April/May, 2015.

Line – up:

Fabiano Barbosa (Drums)

Marcelo Fagundes (Bass)

Álvaro Santana Junior (Guitar)


Track List:

1.Tyrant of Evil

2.Hell Razor

3.Battalion of Metal

4.Valley of the Dead

5.Fighting for the Glory

6.Final Battle

7. Soldiers from the Shadows

More info:

New attack from brazilian Speed Metal maniacs will be available on 4th May, 2015.

Listen CD title song below.

NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR Condemned to Rot Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Nuclear Aggressor Cover at Zombie Ritual Zine

NUCLEAR AGGRESSOR “Condemned to Rot”

Punishment 18 Records

It seems like this young band has been very active since the beginning. After numerous split productions, EPs and demos, they released this debut piece of violence made of music. Think of the most explicit, explosive and deadly side of Kreator (old albums), Destruction, Whiplash or Infernal Majesty. All tracks sound extremely poisonous and deadly. If you ask me, they are quite familiar with old demons and everything is tied by a natural perspective of aggression and destructive attitude. Also, all guitar lines are really noisy, and this fit excellent to the recording. I know that some of you will complain desperately because of the “old school” thrash metal revival sounding here, but believe me, the band knows the business and they are good. My favorite tracks is “Ultra-violent Nightmare” which is a red track forged in rage, aggression and necrosis. Guitar riffs are completely chaotic and infernal. It will blow your head away. I hope to see more news from these guys in the near future. – Victor Varas

STELLAR MASTER ELITE II: Destructive Interference Generator Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Stellar master elite at Zombie Ritual Zine

STELLAR MASTER ELITE “II: Destructive Interference Generator”

Exciter Records

This is an excellent piece of black metal forged in flames of occultism, fog and doomed tunes. Coming from Germany, these musicians recorded the second manifestation with intense power and mystical atmospheres which landed in great guitar riffs and oversized dark. Actually, all structures are basic and seems like they go right to the point, but they also give opportunity to the compositions to look for sophistication and classic vibes. Also, the music takes your perspective of aggressive tunes and it shows a deep place of your mind. All instruments sound clear and have great arrangements, tied by a kind of cosmic atmosphere (if you know what I mean) and ominous guitar lines. This is the kind of albums that are influenced by old doom metal acts like My Dying bride, Anathema, etc. But, they are also quite influenced by progressive rock, and some tracks include interesting intros with chords, acoustic arpeggios, etc. The band steps into modernity, and they don’t fall into mistakes. They have really good tastes. It’s a black metal recommended for every matured metalhead, 40 years older at least. – Victor Varas.

LONEWOLF Army Of The Damned vinyl LP OUT NOW !!!

Lonewolf cover art at Zombie Ritual Zine

Dear Hardrockers, Hellraisers, Beerdrinkers & other Goatworshippers !

We’re really proud to announce that the new & FIRST VINYL release ever on INFERNÖ Records is now OUT !!!

LONEWOLFArmy Of The Damned” is NOW available on VINYL format and is limited to 300 copies worldwide

(150 on regular BLACK vinyl, 150 on BLUE vinyl) and comes with inserts with lyrics, pics…

You can now order your copy from our webshop


Issue 4 of Slowly We Rot Fanzine out now!

Slowly we rot fanzine out now

The 4th issue of Transylvania / Romania based fanzine Slowly We Rot is out now!

Featuring interviews with: Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul / Decayed / Desaster / Metalucifer / Trinitas, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, more than 150 audio and zine reviews, the usual Rising Demons section (interviews with upcoming promising acts: Barzakh, Blood Tribe, BloodOath, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Inverticrux, Motor, Nekrodeus, Valinor and Walking Dead Suicide), Merchants of Death section (interviews with Extreme Metal labels: Glorious North, Hellprod, Infinite Regress and Katoptron IX) and Romanian Attack section (reviews of the latest Romanian Extreme Metal releases). All this in 64 English written, professionally printed, glossy pages, A4 format.

Slowly We Rot #4 comes together with a free Extreme Metal compilation CD featuring: Motor, Inverticrux, Bloodington, BloodOath, Blood Tribe, My Funeral, Valinor, Wall Of The Eyeless, Walking Dead Suicide, United By Hate, Fumigation, Garden Of Grief, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Sawhill Sacrifice and Path Ov Amok.

Get in touch for your copy now: swrzine(at)

MISEO The Dead Will Predominate Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Miseo The Dead Will Predominate

MISEO “The Dead Will Predominate”

Blacksmith Records

This is another interesting debut release and now we move on the map to land of Germany. We have here a power trio, full of musical skills and making corrosive death metal riffs. We are not talking about childish wannabes. The band is commanded by the old Swedish style with some particular sprinkles of brutality. Actually, all tracks sound solid, rotten and with great guitar arrangements. Also, the work of drummer sounds really aggressive and full of resources. No matter if the song claims for energetic sections or mid-pace sections, this guy plays consistent and hard. My favorite track is “Death List” which belongs to a sinister side of the genre. Rhythm section is excellent and it has different layers, perfectly tied with drum bass. All in all, this is a great four tracks EP you will enjoy if you are familiar with the most ominous, obscured and brutal side of the genre. – Victor Varas

CHASTAIN announces release date for new album!!

Chastain Surrender to No One

The newly reformed CHASTAIN, with Leather back on vocals, have announced that the release date of their new CD “SURRENDER TO NO ONE” will be November 19th on Leviathan Records Worldwide.

Guitarist David T. Chastain says “Leather sounds better than ever and musically we picked up as if we never left off! We had numerous offers from larger labels but none of them could release the CD before Spring 2014. I think the diehards would have lynched us if we waited until then. LRW has the ability to release it in 2013. This was the best avenue to accommodate the band’s future plans. Let’s face it, in today’s ever approaching all digital world you can record something on Friday and have it available worldwide by Monday.

The band also plans to have an avenue for avid fans to get the music a little earlier in November at their site

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ARGUS Beyond the Martyrs Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Argus Beyond the Martyrs cover art

ARGUS “Beyond the Martyrs”

Cruz Del Sur Music

Don’t confuse with Mexican cult band where Raul Greñas (Luzbel) recorded two albums in the 80’s. This American band is active since 2005 and they play the most epic, solid and heavy doom metal I have heard this year. Everything is tied with excellent guitar riffs and excellent vocal lines. Actually, vocalist Butch Balich is a great discovery of this year, and he truly transmits the spirit of old bands of obscured heavy metal and Epic metal feeling, like Candlemass,  Manilla Road, Black Sabbath (of course) etc. Music is simply and effective, as they focused in strong melodies and powerful structures. My favorite track is “Four Candles Burning” which is an excellent piece of Epic heavy metal in the purest essence of the genre. Of course, it seems like these guys have experience in the business and the music speaks itself. This is not for conventional listeners, and is not for those who are looking for gratuitous-mainstream-pop heavy metal singers. All tracks are forged in the flames of obscured heavy metal and everything is in the right place. It’s a very recommended for alopecic motherfuckers, and who like thick metal music running through their veins. – Victor Varas