Album Review ARKANA CODE Brutal Conflict

Arkana Code cover art

ARKANA CODE “Brutal Conflict”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good death metal album with high octane arrangements and very complex structures. Coming from Italy, these guys released a demo in 2010 before this debut full length, but seems like they practiced hours and hours behind rehearsal room.

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Album Review EX ANIMO Neverday


EX ANIMO “Neverday”

Metal Scrap

Well, and there goes another female vocal band with tons of keyboard arrangements, progressive elements and guttural growls here and there. This band is not bad at all; it’s just that I’ve heard so many copies of Nightwish, Evanescence, Epica, etc, that definitely I’m not attracted to this style anymore.

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Album Review FAUSTTOPHEL Sancta Simplicitas


FAUSTTOPHEL “..Sancta Simplicitas…”

Another Side Records

This is a very interesting melodic black metal album with tons of musical arrangements, keyboard walls, and different atmospheres throughout the songs. Coming from Ukraine, the band was founded in 1999, but it seems like they are not very active until 2013, when debut album was released.

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Album Review PEDOPHILE PRIEST Dark Transgression of the Soul

Pedophile Priest cover artwork

PEDOPHILE PRIEST “Dark Transgression of the Soul”

Metal Scrap Records

Beyond the corrosive and shocking name of the band, this is a quite peculiar album mixing death metal, technical stuff and experimental sections.

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Album Review D.HATE L.I.F.E.

D.HATEcover art


Metal Scrap Records

(Full name DISTRICT HATE) For those who are looking for an extremely well done thrash/groove metal in old Europe, this is a great release. Coming from Ukraine these guys formed the band in 2010, and after a debut album they released a very decent second album full of aggression and excellent guitar riffs.

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Album Review DESERT NEAR THE END Hunt for the Sun

Desert near the end cover art

DESERT NEAR THE END “Hunt for the Sun”

Metal Scrap Records

Originally formed as Stormbringer in 1997, these Greek guys changed the name to EVENTIDE and later to DESERT NEAR THE END. Of course, we are talking about very experienced musicians, with talent and thick roots in the most powerful side of heavy metal genre.

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Album Review ONE STEP BEYOND The Music of Chance

One step beyond cover art

ONE STEP BEYOND “The Music of Chance”

Metal Scrap Records

I’ve never been fan of experimental bands, especially when they are experimenting with death metal genre. Actually, and call me a purist, I really prefer death metal music at its purest form, than some aberrations I’ve found out there.

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