PUTRID BLOOD Absolute Profit Review

PUTRID BLOOD Absolute Profit Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PUTRID BLOOD “Absolute Profit”

Miner Records

Before you start complaining that this is just another thrash metal band, there are a couple of things you should know about these crazy Serbians. For some strange reason, this production doesn’t recall me the sound of old school thrash metal, although it has a lot of influences from there. Actually, you will discover some guitar riffs rooted on old Kreator, Metallica, or Exodus like on “Kontraduar”. But, the fact is that the band has developed great aspects and sounds quite matured. References are obvious, also I can say that they step into modernity, and they really know how to balance both worlds with no complexity or arrogance. All tracks have excellent guitar riffs and deliver pure thrash metal essence, and I can say that they worked hard behind rehearsal room’s door. The musical arrangements are outstanding, and if you ask me, this could be one of my discoveries of the year. Vocals are aggressive and very well produced though I’m not sure if all this guttural style fits well on the genre. Also, I played the CD on different CD players, and I had some problems of lecture. Anyway, this is a great debut album and I’ll keep an eye on the name. – Victor Varas.