MISEO Lunatic Confessions Review

Miseo Lunatic confessions cover art

MISEO “Lunatic Confessions”

Blacksmith Records

Aaaargh! After the debut EP called “The Dead Will Predominate” was released, these guys are in front of your death skull with a full length album, and believe me: it’s a fucking kick in your brain. Coming from Hesse, Germany, the band has high dose of hyper violent and holocaustic death metal.

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MISEO The Dead Will Predominate Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Miseo The Dead Will Predominate

MISEO “The Dead Will Predominate”

Blacksmith Records

This is another interesting debut release and now we move on the map to land of Germany. We have here a power trio, full of musical skills and making corrosive death metal riffs. We are not talking about childish wannabes. The band is commanded by the old Swedish style with some particular sprinkles of brutality. Actually, all tracks sound solid, rotten and with great guitar arrangements. Also, the work of drummer sounds really aggressive and full of resources. No matter if the song claims for energetic sections or mid-pace sections, this guy plays consistent and hard. My favorite track is “Death List” which belongs to a sinister side of the genre. Rhythm section is excellent and it has different layers, perfectly tied with drum bass. All in all, this is a great four tracks EP you will enjoy if you are familiar with the most ominous, obscured and brutal side of the genre. – Victor Varas