TESTAMENT Zine Issue 12 (Peru) Review


Testament zine issue 12 cover review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TESTAMENT Zine Issue 12 (Peru)

This is one of the most known and respected fanzine in South America. Juan Muro is an authentic metal warrior since many years and beyond being MORTEM’s bass guitar player he have the time to do this document, unlock the pipelines and unleash all these under information in glossy paper format. Includes classic and quite interesting chats with Mike Browning (ex MORBID ANGEL, ex NOCTURNUS) now with AFTER DEATH (USA), RIGOR MORTIS (USA), GRIMBANE (Canada), PESSIMIST (USA), NOMINON (Sweden), BELZEC (Peru), NONEUCLID (Germany) featuring V. Santura guitarist he stayed as the third finalist to replace Erik Rutan in Morbid Angel, DEATHEVOKATION (USA), MYSTIC PROPHECY (Germany), MEMORY GARDEN (Sweden), ANTIMATTER (UK), THE PROPHECY (UK) and YEARNING (Finland). As always he reviews CDs, demos and magazines and includes a very interesting free CD compilation. This is Spanish written. – Zineaholic


BLEAK zine No. 10 (Spain)

Is a pleasure to review the new issue of this Spanish zine. Nothing less than 80 pages A5 and a distinct design over black backgrounds. Bands interviewed go from the deepest death metal to the dark, gloomy and violent Black/thrash metal. And just to make a point, chats are very well worked and don’t leave outside anything. This issue: MORTEM (Peru), GRAVEYARD (very fun and interesting), ELDEREON (Spain), AVSKY (Sweden), BALMOG (Spain), NOCTURNAL HELL (ABORIOTH’s project, Spain), CULTES DES GHOULES (Poland), return Italian gods BULLDOZER VASSAFOR (New Zealand) and DEAD CONGREGATION (Greece). The issue far exceeded the previous, overall because here included tons of zine, albums and demos reviews. At the end is complemented by a special report on ANTHRAX (‘till “Persistence of Time” era) A mandatory acquisition for fanzine metal head eaters. Spanish written. Contact: Bleak zine P. O. Box 632 10080 Cáceres. España. myspace.com/bleakzine/ bleakzine@hotmail.com  – Victor Varas