Album Review WILL ‘O’ WISP Inusto

WILL O WISP cover art

WILL ‘O’ WISP “Inusto”

Nadir Music

Don’t confuse this progressive band from Italy with the gothic band Willow Wisp from Hollywood, California. We are talking about a band formed in 1992, in Ligury, Italy and features people from Antropofagus, Dark Lunacy, among others, so you can imagine that all of them have huge experience in metal music.

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Album Review HELLGEIST

Hellgeist cover art

HELLGEIST “Hellgeist”

Nadir Music

Well, this is another new band with a debut album, and I must say that it sounds really good, powerful and tied musically speaking. Coming from Piedmont, Italy, these guys forged the band with different sources, mainly thrash metal and death metal, and added a special personal touch in the ways of funk, hardcore and modern stuff.

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PHOBOS PREACHER – new videoclip launched!!

Spanish Thrash/Death Metal band PHOBOS PREACHER presents the new offcial videoclip for the track “Humanos”

The band has just released its debut album “Humanos” with Italian famous record label Buil2Kill Records (cover artwork designed by Satanik Design).

The album contains 10 tracks of Thrash Death Metal with lyrics in Spanish. Here’s “Humanos” tracklist:

1. Preludio
2. Agonía
3. La Perdición
4. Hipocresía
5. Humanos
6. Lágrimas de Arena
7. La Última Cena
8. Abre tu Mente
9. Ahogado en mi Adicción
10. Doctrina Odiada

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SEPTEM Album Review

Septem review at Zombie Ritual Zine

SEPTEM “Septem”

Nadir Music

Coming from the Italian underground scene, these guys released an excellent debut album and they are looking for a place in the race of heavy metal. I really liked the way they composed solid guitar riffs and good melodies, everything tied in heavy metal vibes and steel running in the veins. Seems like they have high musical skills because all songs sound mature and they don’t fall in childish mistakes. Absolutely not, and what is more, they have great musical arrangements in all instruments. Vocalist Daniele Armanini sounds powerful and he knows where to put in the right moment high pitched. As aforementioned, music sounds melodic and and also has a modern touch with cool harmonies and strong rhythm guitars. My only complaint is for those sections where they mix clean vocals with guttural vocals. This is something that not always works good and the band should re consider this detail. Well, who gives a shit my opinion anyway? It’s a great debut album forged in metal heart and solid rock. Oh yeah! And they should look for a good cover artist, no offense.  – Victor Varas


TOMMY TALAMANCA Na Zapad review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Live Tribe Music

I never thought this would be a solo Project from the guitarist of SADIST, one of the most famous Italian death metal bands. Actually, I know he is also a virtuoso session player, audio engineer and producer, and he has extremely good taste for progressive music, and jazz stuff. This is his debut solo album and it’s a great musical adventure as he mixes elements from progressive music, metal music and jazz, and everything is tied with an interesting perspective of atmospheric spiral tunes. For example, track 6 (sorry, I don’t have the name) is a totally a sonic experience made by consistent elements in acoustic guitar, percussion, and a fresh breath of jazz standards. My favorite is track 9 which is a great piece of solid metal forged in hard rock, excellent guitar riffs and awesome solos. All music arrangements sound well balanced and quite professional. Tommy is a great musician and he knows how to transmit different states of mind through melodic lines, and in case you have the enough criteria (and leave aside for a moment extreme metal music) you will make a connection with interesting vibes and sonic textures. This interesting album is recommended if you are open-minded and if you have criteria for good music. True metallers sons of satan, get away!! – Victor Varas


Reapter review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Nadir Promotions

If there is a huge influence in modern thrash metal, definitely is the name of Metallica and its strong musical legacy. This is a perfect example of a modern thrash metal band with influences of what Metallica did after the “Load” album. I have to say that the vocalist has a particular style and seems that he is part of the base of Metallica fans in Italy. Anyway, Reapter band has strong musical skills and they created dynamic guitar riffs carefully placed in melodic structures. Everything is around the guitar work, and I really liked it, although they must work for an own style and stop making homage guitar solos like “Self destruction”, which seems to be very influenced by Megadeth. As aforementioned, they have musical skills and they did an excellent work on the debut album, but they have to work and get an own personality before they become another bored band with the sound of Hetfield and Cia. – Victor Varas

Dismal Faith (Italy) Debut album coming soon!!

DISMAL FAITH in Zombie Ritual Zine

Dismail Faith debut album “Morph” will be out on May, 13th for Nadir Music. Recorded at Nadir Music Studios by metal-guru Tommy Talamanca (Sadist’s Mastermind).

The upcoming full-lengh has been crafted to fully reproduce the “sonic wall of aggression” that the band unleash on the crowd during their live shows, making them in a short span of time, one of the most interesting acts of the whole underground scene.

Dismail Faith have succeeded in melting the most disparate influences like Death, Black, Thrash, Nu, HC, Groove and Metalcore.

The work features nine killer songs: prepare your ears to sharp guitars, war-sounding drums and merciless vocals. To be noticed the apperance of Cafa (from Kiju) in two songs, result of a long time artistic partnership between the two bands consolidated during the “Steel & Marble tour“.

Promotion and press office will be entrusted to Nadir Promotion. Stay tuned, more news are coming soon!


PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR ad at Zombie Ritual Zine

Brutal/grinders PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR have found an agreement with Nadir Promotion in order to promote their new album “Words for Empty Spaces“.

The new work from the Czech Republic band will see the light on digital and standard market on the incoming 6th of March.

The upcoming full-length is described as a mix of grindcore in the Napalm Death/Terrorizer vein, with death metal influences (Dying Fetus/ Misery Index above all).

A band you should check out, especially advised to lovers of extreme and brutal sonorities.

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FATAL IMPACT (Norway) Review

Fatal Impact Esoteric Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Nadir Music

This is a very interesting power metal album coming from Norway. The band steps into the modern sound of Europeans heavy /power metal bands, but it seems that they don’t make it with happy melodies, or over acted attitudes. These guys created excellent stuff based in solid guitar riffs, approaches to progressive metal music, and an obscured touch which is crawling throughout the whole album. And I think that’s the trademark in the band: obscured melodies and heavy riffs, all tied with the powerful voice of Jorn Oyhus, who developed an own style in the vein of melodic power metal in the beginning of last decade. Actually, the whole production sounds powerful, just listen to the thick distortion at guitars department, and the final result. This band has a strong knowledge in traditional heavy metal, and progressive rock spirited, so you will hear influences from different sources (even some guttural vocals over there). As aforementioned, the axis in composition is the obscure melodies which sometimes sound quite complex and technical. It’s a good album coming from the Top of the world, recommended for those who enjoy melody, eclectic guitars and powerful male vocals (no high screams). – Victor Varas