NAILS OF IMPOSITION (Australia) Review

Nails of Imposition Demo Review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Southern Darkness Recordings

The band posted me a bunch of copies of this demo and, I spread with some fanzines around here in Mexico. It’s a cool three tracks production that shows a much matured death metal band doing a quite brutal act. It seems like they are not new in the business, as they developed aggressive and well achieved guitar riffs through massive and chaotic drums. Actually, sometimes they sound very chaotic, and all instruments create some interesting lines by themselves, but all with good sense and good taste on the most putrid and obscure death metal. If I had to choose one track I’ll go for “Sebaceous Abscess”, because this track has these 90’s stench ala Obituary, with gross distortions, an intense drum execution, and an excellent vocal performance which preferred slow monstrous style, as a fucking blood bath massacre. The band released this year the First Full Length (it’s self released). A good choice for death metal lovers, and those who are into bands in the vein of brutal chaos, and morbid noise. – Victor Varas