Album Review BOOZE CONTROL The Lizard Rider

Booze Control cover artwork

BOOZE CONTROL “The Lizard Rider”

Infernö Records

Well, this is made of pure fucking steel. On the third album, this young band delivered a really good piece of heavy metal, seriously. It’s superlative HEAVY METAL that keeps the original spirit of the genre.

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Album Review DARK FOREST Beyond the veil

Dark Forest cover artwork beyond

DARK FOREST “Beyond the veil”

Cruz del Sur Music

Excellent!! What a piece of shinny and strong heavy metal is here! After last album “The Awakening” (read the review here) in 2014 this English band returned with a new recording which can become a classic in some years.

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Album Review DO Tuho

Do Tuho cover art

DÖ “Tuho”


It’s another well-known band here in my desk. I reviewed a sludge EP in 2014 and you can read it here. Carrying solid influences from Black Sabbath guitar riffs, and creating dense atmospheres of what is called “Stoner rock”, these guys released an excellent piece of heaviness and obscurity here.

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Album Review ELVENSTORM Soulreaper

ElvenStorm cover art

ELVENSTORM “Soulreaper”

Infernö Records

The more I hear this 4 tracks EP the more I get hooked with vocalist Laura Ferreux. She has developed a quite melodic but powerful style and definitely she has increased a lot her style since last album “Blood Leads to Glory”.

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Album Review KING HEAVY

King Heavy cover art

KING HEAVY “King Heavy”

Cruz del Sur Music

Aaaargh!! This is another addition to my list of discoveries of the year. It’s nothing but a finest obscured heavy metal band forged with extremely good metal elements and huge knowledge of the doom metal genre.

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