FLESHDOLL (France) Review

Fleshdoll Animal Factory Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FLESHDOLL “Animal Factory”

Pervade/Manitou Music

What a piece of brutal death metal, coming from France! This album is made of massive blood, violence and brutality. And from these aspects I can define the style in the whole CD, because all songs are forged from truly ferocious guitar riffs, twisted drum sections, and deep guttural vocals.  I really liked the high octane guitar riffs, which are totally down tuned to hell, and create a solid wall of sound on every compass. I also want to underline the excellent performance of bass guitar, which denotes an experimented musician following every guitar riffs like a fucking master. All songs have singular personality, but my favorite is “Go dig your Grave in the Sand”, which is a complex song with different sections (one of them is semi acoustic, like Arabian atmosphere) and delivers an interesting stench of modern thrash metal, with class and technique. After all, this is a good album, for those who are looking for distinct/creative death metal bands, influenced by brutality. – Victor Varas



KORROSIAH (France) Review

Korrosiah Creepy Feelings Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

KORROSIAH “Creepy Feelings”

Pervade Productions

Well, I played this CD for the first time; I was totally surprised because I didn’t expect such a solid thrash metal band mixing violent stuff with progressive elements. My mind recalls some names in the past experimenting with thrash metal genre, and exploring other fields in order to incorporate new additions to the music, like Deathrow, Aspid, Toxik, Mekong Delta, or even Nasty Savage, ; and these French motherfuckers did an excellent job taking the thrash metal music to newest and fresh horizons. I don’t think that they are creating a new genre, but I liked very much the way they bring chaos and deliver another perspective of the genre, without falling in false pretentions. Also, they have a huge imagination and created tons of interesting sections throughout the songs, like on track “Greed” which middle section is like a cut throat. Guitar riffs sounds complex and with good taste, so the music is oriented and performed on the most professional matter, resulting a very interesting album. Recommended for those who are looking for different sounds on thrash metal genre. – Victor Varas


BLACK HORIZON (France) Review

Black Horizon The Choice


Pervade Productions

Well, here I got a promo from another unlucky old band. According to the Bio, they started as a band in 1991, and after many changes and demos, they completed this album. Throughout all these years they’ve developed a quite good sound on a fresh and powerful heavy metal style. They don’t complicate things, and do an excellent stuff mixing basic and melodic riffs with a particular American style, and reminds bands like early Iced Earth, Fates Warning and a little of Queensrÿche, like in track called “Silence”, which is a great ballad and the band captures the essence of what heavy metal was on those years. Vocals are on the mid range, so don’t expect here high screams, but yes, you’ll find power on the throat and enough guts. The track “Réagis” called a lot my attention because of the solid guitar riffs, the astonishing tempo changes and the lyrics in French, and this last aspect makes them sound definitely different. If you know the French metal band called KILLERS, you’ll know what I mean. This album is recommended for listeners above the age of 30 – Victor Varas


XTRUNK (France) Review

Xtrunk Full confession heavy metal

XTRUNK “Full Confession”

Pervade Productions – Manitou Music

Is another underground metal band playing a mix of extreme metal with the most technical and melodic “modern” metal style every old head bangers hate. I don’t want to defend this new wave of crazy crunchy metal dudes, and saying the truth I really like some moments. Wait!! Don’t leave this blog yet!! Hehehe!!! What I’m saying is we have to see and hear the professional side of the music indeed. To record a metal album is not easy and if I have to criticize this promo, I have to give them a chance only for the fact they did their supreme effort. The French guys moved toward an extremely well done production, and that’s a merit. 11 cuts of hard core blended with furious thrash metal you can move your head and ass if you play the CD as a binge’s soundtrack. Guitar work is particularly complex and full of fast thrashy riffs. Sometimes they reminded me this CLAWFINGER sound in the middle of 90’s, smashing all the phrases to fit the tempo in the music. I didn’t like anyway these kinds of “generic” choruses mixing death growling with clean voices. As said before, if you are into this, go and get it. If you are not, run like fucking rabbits!!– Victor Varas


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EVIL ONE (France) Review

Evil one Militia of death heavy metal

EVIL ONE “Militia of Death”

Pervade ProductionsManitou Music

To say the truth I had not heard of these guys so far and they have been rocking since 1998, according to Metal Archives.  But wait a minute…. Also according to this page, they switched of being a “gothic metal” band to thrash metal band. Ok, I’ll assume editors of the web encyclopedia of metal were drunk or stoned (or both) when they published this data hehehe! (Please!!!!) Well, these guys are coming from French underground and practice a very acceptable mix of thrash/speed/heavy metal. Yes, they dare to embrace three different styles and the combination is ok though. I liked second part of the album because is a remembrance of heavy bands and is not bad at all. As RIOT’s old glories, they did remarkable tunes in the vein of powerful and melodic (no flowers) heavy metal. Frédéric Botta has a very high range throat and used all his talent in songs like “Straight to hell” or the K. Diamonded “Baptized by Fire”. I really like “Suicide Fanatic” track, a very metal from the heart song just like PEGAZUS used to do in their first album (anyone?) This is not bad at all for being an ex “gothic” metal band hehehe!! They also included an instrumental track showing good talent and resources at instrumentation. Double guitar lines, cosmic soloing, a great and solid bass wall, and great drumming section. For people into old school heavy metal looking for new bands. – Victor Varas