Album Review SACRED STEEL Heavy Metal Sacrifice

sacred-steel cover artwork

SACRED STEEL “Heavy Metal Sacrifice”

Cruz del Sur Music

Am I getting old? Or is just that Power metal bands don’t impress me too much, unless they have something really extraordinaire? Anyway, these German veterans released the tenth album of their career, and although I’ve been listening to it all day in the office, this doesn’t make me move my ass off.

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Album Review CONQUEST Taste of Life

Conquest cover art

W. ANGEL’S CONQUEST “Taste of Life”

I admit that I stayed away from power metal genre for many years, as I listened the same formula again and again in almost all European bands. This case is totally different and I’m glad to get back to listen the genre because of high quality and heavy tunes in the album.

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Album Review HEAVYLUTION Children of Hat

Heavylution cover art

HEAVYLUTION “Children of Hate”

Brennus Music

Coming from Saint-Étienne, France these guys have been active since 2006 and this year released a very decent debut album. All tracks sound melodic, heavy and with high doses of power metal, but I must say that for moments it’s lack of velocity.

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Red Room Ensemble cover art

RED ROOM ENSEMBLE “Red Room Ensemble”


I have different feelings about this album. For moments it has really good moments forged in melodic heavy metal and high doses of progressive metal with class. But, for moments it turns a bit repetitive and monotonous due they composed almost all tracks in mid pace mode and basic atmospheres.

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Album Review ALPHA TIGER Beneath the Surface

Alpha Tiger cover art

ALPHA TIGER “Beneath the Surface”

Sade Records

Originally released by Century Media Records in 2013, this is supposed to be a second opus for these Germans, although they’ve been active since 2007 as SATIN BLACK, when they were more oriented to thrash metal genre.

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Album Review AURON

Auron cover art

AURON “Auron”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good new band coming from Saratov, Russia. Actually, they’ve been active since 2007 and I don’t know if they recorded previous demos, but on the debut album they made a very decent work forged in heavy metal, progressive metal and touches of power metal.

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Album Review BETOKEN Beyond Redemption

Betoken cover art

BETOKEN “Beyond Redemption”

Buil2Kill Records

For some strange reason this band reminds another Italian band called Athena in mid-90’s. It’s a solid mix of heavy metal and progressive metal in a European clasic sound. Coming from Lombardy, these quite experimented guys created a good fifth album, and it’s forged in melodic heavy metal, power metal and highly influenced by progressive/ambient metal.

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GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Review

Guarnerius cover art

GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Mexico Double CD

Self Released

This album was released back in 2003 under the name of “Arcanos Abismos”. In those years symphonic Power Metal was still very popular around. Now, ten years after, someone re-released the album (I suppose someone of the band) with a totally different art y package. Also, adding a second CD with extra staff. Sadly there is not much info to tell us where those extra tracks are from, if they are new tracks or what!! Not even is mentioned if the albums was remixed; surely it was re mastered at least.

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