Album Review NO MAN EYES Cosmogony

No Man Eyes cover artwork

NO MAN EYES “Cosmogony”

Diamonds Prod.

I found this piece of Italian progressive metal very interesting as it has eclectic roots in diverse music genres. And it was very well-conceived, with high octane guitar riffs, complex structures and high pitched vocals.

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Album Review CONQUEST Taste of Life

Conquest cover art

W. ANGEL’S CONQUEST “Taste of Life”

I admit that I stayed away from power metal genre for many years, as I listened the same formula again and again in almost all European bands. This case is totally different and I’m glad to get back to listen the genre because of high quality and heavy tunes in the album.

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Album Review HYBRID NIGHTMARES The Second Age

Hybrid Nightmare cover art



I don’t know why Australian metal bands have a particular taste, no matter which genre they play. This is not the exception and I’m really glad to meet them, as they created a really good release here.

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Album Review DIAMANTE Ad Vitam Reditus

Diamante cover art

DIAMANTE “Ad Vitam Reditus”

Atomic Stuff Records

Everybody knows that Italy has one of the most important traditions of rock music in Europe. Of course, we can name a large list of bands that influenced the sound of actual projects, mainly in progressive music.

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Red Room Ensemble cover art

RED ROOM ENSEMBLE “Red Room Ensemble”


I have different feelings about this album. For moments it has really good moments forged in melodic heavy metal and high doses of progressive metal with class. But, for moments it turns a bit repetitive and monotonous due they composed almost all tracks in mid pace mode and basic atmospheres.

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Album Review CAVE OF SWIMMERS Reflection

Cave of Swimers cover art


Self- released

On the third listening of this album I can confirm something: this is nothing less than authentic gem of rock music. Simply I can’t stop listening! The first thing that jumps from the speakers is the extraordinary throat of vocalist Guillermo Gonzalez (also guitars and keys) who really impressed me with an Opera-Soprano-Baritone musical skills, as this guy also drives high pitch mode with no problem.

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Album Review XUL Extinction Necromance

Xul cover art

XUL “Extinction Necromance”


Aaaargh! Excellent band! This black entity comes from Vernon, Canada and it’s a fucking pleasure to hear the latest EP. Formed in 2008, these guys released a full length album in 2012 and it seems like they have been occupied writing more stuff since then.

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Album Review AURON

Auron cover art

AURON “Auron”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good new band coming from Saratov, Russia. Actually, they’ve been active since 2007 and I don’t know if they recorded previous demos, but on the debut album they made a very decent work forged in heavy metal, progressive metal and touches of power metal.

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