Album Review EMERGED Letting Go Of Certainties

Emerged cover art

EMERGED “Letting Go Of Certainties”

Vic Records

I don’t think these guys are going somewhere known. They are into the softest side of metal music road, but I admit they are really good by composing instrumental tracks based in heavy metal, groove metal and touches of progressive metal.

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Album Review BETOKEN Beyond Redemption

Betoken cover art

BETOKEN “Beyond Redemption”

Buil2Kill Records

For some strange reason this band reminds another Italian band called Athena in mid-90’s. It’s a solid mix of heavy metal and progressive metal in a European clasic sound. Coming from Lombardy, these quite experimented guys created a good fifth album, and it’s forged in melodic heavy metal, power metal and highly influenced by progressive/ambient metal.

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DRUKNROLL Boiling point Review

Druknroll cover art

DRUKNROLL “Boiling point”

Metal Scrap Records

This is the third full length album of the band and I’m still very dubitative because of the eclectic sound and twisted compositions. Coming from Saratov, Russia, these guys landed in metal world in 2006. Of course they didn’t need to promote an official demo in underground scene, since they had tons of musical resources for a great heavy metal/modern metal band.

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GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Review

Guarnerius cover art

GUARNERIUS re edition 2014 Mexico Double CD

Self Released

This album was released back in 2003 under the name of “Arcanos Abismos”. In those years symphonic Power Metal was still very popular around. Now, ten years after, someone re-released the album (I suppose someone of the band) with a totally different art y package. Also, adding a second CD with extra staff. Sadly there is not much info to tell us where those extra tracks are from, if they are new tracks or what!! Not even is mentioned if the albums was remixed; surely it was re mastered at least.

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TUNGSTEN The Reservoir Review

Tungsten - The Reservoir - Front Cover

TUNGSTEN “The Reservoir”

Self released

My first impression when I saw this cover art, was “Oh well, it’s another black metal band with cold/Nordic style. Here we go..”  I didn’t expect such an excellent piece of progressive music forged in high quality structures and professionalism. Coming from Philadelphia, these guys have extremely good roots on 70’s music, but they also have good taste in heavy metal and they know how to drive high octane guitar riffs and “direct to the bone” lines.

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Ashes of chaos cover art


logic(il)logic Records

This is a difficult album for reviewers like me. After that I listened it several times, I still don’t know if I liked it or not. The roots are deep in progressive metal as well as atmospheric stuff, and seems like these Italian musicians have strong spirit of metal. Of course this combination is not always successful, especially when you copy what other have done in the past.

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TOMMY TALAMANCA Na Zapad review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Live Tribe Music

I never thought this would be a solo Project from the guitarist of SADIST, one of the most famous Italian death metal bands. Actually, I know he is also a virtuoso session player, audio engineer and producer, and he has extremely good taste for progressive music, and jazz stuff. This is his debut solo album and it’s a great musical adventure as he mixes elements from progressive music, metal music and jazz, and everything is tied with an interesting perspective of atmospheric spiral tunes. For example, track 6 (sorry, I don’t have the name) is a totally a sonic experience made by consistent elements in acoustic guitar, percussion, and a fresh breath of jazz standards. My favorite is track 9 which is a great piece of solid metal forged in hard rock, excellent guitar riffs and awesome solos. All music arrangements sound well balanced and quite professional. Tommy is a great musician and he knows how to transmit different states of mind through melodic lines, and in case you have the enough criteria (and leave aside for a moment extreme metal music) you will make a connection with interesting vibes and sonic textures. This interesting album is recommended if you are open-minded and if you have criteria for good music. True metallers sons of satan, get away!! – Victor Varas

INDOMITE (Colombia) Review

Indomite Theater of Time review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INDOMITE “Theater of Time”

Self Released

This is my first contact with metal progressive genre coming from Colombia, and I have to say that I’m quite impressed because of all these high quality songs, and sophisticated atmospheres. Everybody knows that this genre is more valuable in Europe than in South America, and music industry has been cruel for unknown bands coming from this side of the world; is hard for progressive bands to get into that market, (maybe except Brazil, Chile and Argentina of course). This is the Colombian answer, and this is a very good debut album. It contains 9 tracks full of melody, sticky choruses and a very professional sound. The most interesting aspect is the high quality of all compositions, because all of them have great arrangements, and the result is near to what sounds in Europe since some time ago. You know, melodic guitar riffs, solid drums based on heavy metal stuff, and clear vocals full of energy and technique. Santiago Giraldo doesn’t screams, he actually sings very professional and sounds excellent in mid range. The whole band seems to work hard behind the rehearsal room because songs sound quite mature and lyrics are done carefully without mistakes. Did I mention that lyrics are written in English? As you can see, they have better English than mine, and that’s another aspect to underline (hehehe!). My favorite song is “Parasite”, which denotes the band’s evolution musically speaking. Great compositions into different sections, excellent guitar solos, drum arrangements, and an astonishing vocalizations (combining clean with guttural). Although is not my favorite genre, I really enjoyed this album. Contact the band and ask for your copy!! – Victor Varas


Psilocybe Larvae Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PSILOCYBE LARVAE “The Labyrinth of Penumbra”

Buil2kill Records

This is an interesting band coming from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Somehow, the obscure sound and the atmospheric mixtures on the whole album recall me Swedish Tiamat, when they decided to evolve into more matured music. These Russians have incredible musical skills, and they also make a close approach to progressive stuff with good taste and dark color melodies. The base is on different instrumentation, and that’s a trademark for the style developed. They use a lot of different sections and also created different lines full of complexity and great tempo changes, but without falling in false pretensions. As I said before, they’ve got a nice approach to progressive music, and they absolutely know the flooring where they are standing, creating good tracks like “Shinning Shambhala”, and “Fortress of Time”; both of them navigate from different moves and deliver brilliant results. Also, the keyboards are a significant factor in the compositions because of the high quality wall of sound used as a background, and tying the melodies with good sense. My favorite is “Trial by Fire”, which is an excellent song forged in the purest progressive metal music, with no arrogant attitudes, nor stupid structures. This is an album with eclectic references, and all the tracks are floating on what seems to be a great mix of progressive rock, with blackened/aggressive vocals and melodic backgrounds. Highly recommended. – Victor Varas