Album Review UNDER THE CHURCH Rabid Armageddon

Under the Church

UNDER THE CHURCH “Rabid Armageddon”

Pulverised Records

What a piece of destructive and rotten death metal I have here!! Of course these ex members of Nirvana 2002 know about extreme metal music as they are not foling around, and composed truly ferocious pieces of putrefaction and obscurity.

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Under the Church cover art

UNDER THE CHURCH “Under the Church” EP

Pulverised Records

Aaaaargh!! I remember when I received the demo tape from this Nordic entity, a couple of years ago, and definitely they’ve increased musically speaking. Half Swedish and Half Icelandic, the band is about putrid and ferocious death metal in the vein of old gods like Grave, Entombed, Unleashed, etc.

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Album Review BONE GNAWER Cannibal Crematorium

Bone Gnawer cover art

BONE GNAWER “Cannibal Crematorium”

Pulverised Records

No doubt this death metal entity has increased since last time I heard about them. Of course Kam Lee is the main aspect; he is a legend in the genre and here truly made an excellent work.

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Album Review MAJESTIC DOWNFALL …When Dead

Majestic Downfall cover art


Pulverised Records

I revisited last album from 2013 and the split CD release with The Slow Death, before listen this new album. I’m impressed. Somehow this guy Jacobo Cordova, main composer forged a superlative album with distinctive elements, and for moments is like if I’m listening another completely different band!

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CRUCIFYRE Black Magic Fire Review

Crucifyre cover art

CRUCIFYRE “Black Magic Fire”

Pulverised Records

Hell yeah! Now we are talking! This dark entity was formed in 2006 by ex-members from antique death metal bands in Stockholm, like Afflicted, Morbid, and Crematory. Of course, this shit has the real old sound of Stockholm, and if you ask me, they dared to add some punkish touches here and there.

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MAJALIS Cathodic Black EP Review

majalis cathodic black cover

MAJALIS “Cathodic Black” EP

Pulverised Records

To talk about depressive/atmospheric metal music coming from Scandinavia is sometimes very subjective, because although there are many good albums out there, it seems like there is a tendency on infesting clones the whole style. This case is different: the sound is clean and with many elements from other sources like progressive music and atmospheric stuff.

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SKELETAL SPECTRE Vodoo Dawn Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

Skeletal Spectre Voodoo Dawn Cover


Pulverized Records

Well, if you are looking for a new face of death metal sound, you should listen this piece of heaviness and putrefaction. This is the third album so far, and it is totally forged in Swedish sound with interesting elements coming from doom metal, D Beats, and a obscured punkish breath. All tracks are based in catchy guitar riffs and solid melodies, which is an important element in composition. Also, structures are simplistic, organic and effective. Vanessa Nocera (if you are involved in Death metal music, you should know who she is) has a great throat and left traces of flesh in the micro when recorded the album. I’m really impressed by her work, and I can say that I liked this caustic touch that gives strong personality and ominous feeling. Another aspect to underline is the doomed atmosphere found everywhere. This album is tied by great compositions, with no false pretentions or arrogant complexity. This is pure death/doom metal direct to your old and burned skull. – Victor Varas

THE PETE FLESH DEATHTRIP Mortui Vivos Docent Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Mortui Vivos Docent Cover


Pulverized Records

Aaaargh! What a piece of darkness do I have here! This is a one man band from Sweden, and as you can imagine, the project is quite influenced by corrosive and blackened death metal from that part of the world. Actually, Pete Flesh (mastermind creator here) is a very experienced musician who has been involved in many bands in the past, like Maze of Torment, Deceiver, Thrown, or Flesh. This last one is the previous name of this entity, and he released three albums since 2005 btw. All tracks are powerful and immersed in obscene obscurity. You can feel the black fire in every note, and everything truly sounds complex, ominous and perverse. All tracks have different personality, and that’s something I really liked because it seems like the artist has huge knowledge about the genre, and he has great twisted ideas in composition. My favorite track is “The Suicide End” which is a stinky opus done in evilness, deadly guitar lines and slow rhythms. Pete dominates all instruments and he did many sections and musical arrangements as well. I can say that is one of my discoveries of the year. It’s another black beast from the new wave of bands looking for a place on the road. – Victor Varas

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