Album Review DISRUPTED Morbid Death

Disrupted cover art

DISRUPTED “Morbid Death”

Memento Mori

Holy shit! This is another death metal gem coming from Sweden. For those who think that the genre repeats itself and is difficult to find something new in underground bands, these guys released an excellent debut album forged in morbid, stinky and almost punkish death metal.

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Album Review COME BACK FROM DEAD The Coffin Earth’s Entrails

Come back from dead cover art

COME BACK FROM DEAD “The Coffin Earth’s Entrails”

BlackSeed Productions

Again Spain, and this time we have a new death metal entity. The band features members and ex-members from different big names like Asedio, Machetazo, Extinción, Nashgul and Bokluk, so you can imagine that they are not fooling around.

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Album Review BROKEN LINGERIE Lying Words

Broken Lingerie cover art


Dirty Chords Records

This sounds hard and heavy, and I like it. Coming from Madrid, Spain these girls have a great rock spirit running in the veins as they present five tracks full of solid compositions based in melodic hooks. Of course they have huge influences from punk/rock music ala Misfits, New York Dolls, Ramones etc, but they balance very well all elements with heavy touches of AC/DC.

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Vietcong Pornsurfers cover art2

VIETCONG PORNSURFERS “Vietcong Pornsurfers”

I really like this Swedish band since last album which was one of my discoveries from last year. It’s a mix of hard rock, punk, metal and others nice elements you can enjoy in a beer night with friends. This time we have 6 tracks of really melodic stuff that easily can be programmed in a radio station.

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CORRUPT LEADERS Grindmother Review

Corrupt leaders2 cover art



Is this the band that recorded a grandmother’s guttural voice? Yep, and later this video became viral. Btw, that old woman is not bad at all for extreme metal business, hehehe! Coming from Canada, these guys released their third EP of Grindcore metal full of holocaustic guitar riffs and old school vibes.

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ASS Work Sucks and Speed Krusher Review

Band ass cover art

ASS “Work Sucks/ Speed Krusher”


Watch out! All of you motherfuckers who sold your soul to thrash metal! Coming from Texas, these guys released two excellent EPs full of furious guitar riffs, destructive structures and crossover elements.

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AGHOR Necrolivonica Review

Aghor cover art

AGHOR “Necrolivonica”

Offense Records

I don’t think this band manage to belong in death metal and punk genre at same time, actually I don’t even believe that mix could exist. But, who cares about tags anyway? Coming from Estonia, these guys play a very rabid and twisted form of punk metal.

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Corrupt Leaders cover art


Self Released

This is their debut EP and the band sounds solid, matured and with attitude. And I don’t want to say word “attitude” for trendy comment. They really transmit a punkish/rabid feeling through every track, as all guitar riffs and musical structures are cathartic and kind of corrosive to the bone. Also, vocals sound a little bit blackened and shows a mind corrupted responsible, if you know what I mean.

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