SPLIT HEAVEN The Devil’s Bandit Review

Split Heaven cover art

SPLIT HEAVEN “The Devil’s Bandit”

Pure Steel Records

Everybody knows that Eligio Valenzuela is not longer in the band, former guitarist Pedro Zelbohr also departed, and Taii Hernández left bass guitar (traitor!!) and is now on guitar duties. Many lineup changes in a short time! but it seems like it doesn’t affects them because they have matured as a band and they know the floor where they are standing on.

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Power Theory An Axe to Grind Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

POWER THEORY “An Axe to Grind”

Pure Steel Records

It’s a pretty good second album from these blokes from Pennsylvania. I have to mention that many aspects of the band caught me indeed, in first place, the powerful voice of Dave Santini who really did an excellent work in the whole album. It’s not a secret that he is a huge fan of R. Halford, as his style sounds similar, but Dave knows that he don’t have to abuse on high screams and he uses perfectly the mid ranges, and that’s brilliant because his voice fits excellent and sounds great. The style developed on this album is a heavy metal in a very American and traditional ways, mixed with some parts of strong thrash metal riffs. It would be a bad statement if I say that they are into a modern sound, but I recognize the work developed and the huge hours spent as they built these melodic guitar riffs behind an incredible heavy metal feeling, and pure steel attack. They also managed to have a great sound at the mix table. My favorite in the album is “Pure Steel”, and certainly this song was built on a metallic power feeling. You know, this kind of metal songs where you raise your fucking fist on the air and feel the red fire running through your veins. My advice to dig more about these Americans, I’m sure they’ll deliver more news in the near future. – Victor Varas


SPLIT HEAVEN (México) Review

Split Heaven Street Law heavy metal


Pure Steel Records

This gang is a promise for Mexican young and healthy heavy metal scene. Along with VOLTAX, MALIGNO, PSICOFONIA, GRAVE CROSS, STONE DEMONS and many more, it would be a shame if nothing happens from here to two or three years. After releasing two full lengths, the band won a local W.O.A. contest and went to play at this famous Mecca of metal. This experience opened a lot of doors and now they’ve been invited to some European heavy metal festivals and released the new album under a German label. Is quite good to me see this development as I’ve been following their steps since an afternoon of 2006 where they put their self produced demo “R.I.P. “in my hands. The band has grown up and proud released this totally 80’s heavy metal styled album which all in all Eligio’s voice is the distinct trademark. This natural high range very effective in heavy metal and very well driven throat (but not kind of old woman screaming) is a rarity of Mother Nature, hehehe!! He always will remind me vocalists like Michael Voss from German MAD MAX or Alex Savage from WITCH CROSS. Tracks like “Night of the Jaguar” and “Road to nowhere” exude a true heavy metal feeling as hell and without an exaggerated virtuosity; just really show every musician is making his own duties with honor and good taste. My favorite one is of course “The Obscure” track, an ode to the old fast power metal they used to play in their beginning: melodic, aggressive guitar riffs, hyperactive bass, an outstanding drummer and an extremely well job arrangement at voice department. My Hat is off for the last vocal lines. I think the mix recording could have been better (more bass power, less cymbals) but production is ok and carefully made. Along the totally well played 80’s heavy metal style music, the band has enough elements and promotion visions to spread quite well their music and shoot a video some months ago. I won’t say this really liked me (I totally hate this Mexican wrestler “fashion” although international eyes see a Mexican identity through this costumes) and is been very well accepted in the metal media. I really hope they don’t lose the floor and they still enjoying doing heavy metal music for what is for: entertainment and fun. – Victor Varas