RAMPART (Bulgaria) Review

Rampart War Behest heavy metal

RAMPART “War Behest”

Infernö Records

Cool addition to the catalogue of this French label. A powerful Heavy metal from Bulgarian underground and no doubt these musicians are talented and would be emerge if they do well. The first noticeable trademark is vocals done by a girl called Maria Doychinova. Actually she has a natural color of voice adequate for melody heavy metal and is well achieved, although she should develop a better technique and consider two or three tuning problems. I don’t know why sometimes they remember me WHITE SKULL (first Federica era) although I know some of you will shat on my mouth, hehe!! Yeah, you know this heavy metal mixed and flavored with mid pace melodic power metal a la GRAVE DIGGER. As I played the entire album over again I discover some things I liked and some I didn’t like the unnecessary bass solo at “Ghost of Freedom”, oh man!! Is cool to solo with “harmonics” but I don’t think this solo fits on the song. Anyway If I have to choose a song it would be “Road to the unknown” which has a true heavy metal feeling you and your fucking neck is waiting for. As I said before, they must work more and more to develop their talent and not to be wasted in a sea of melodic power metal bands. – Victor Varas


RAMPART (Bulgaria) “War Behest” CD out now !!! New release available from INFERNÖ Records

Rampart War Behest heavy metal

War Behest CD
Infernö Records
20 June 2012

Bulgarian metal fighters RAMPART return with an amazing brand new album forged in the heaviest metal & purest steel !
For fans of true & epic metal in the veins of early Helloween, Gamma Ray, Lonewolf, Running Wild, Crystal Viper ….


A Tale To Cold MCD
Re-release of the highly acclaimed cassette-single !
Enriched with two bonus song (inc. the Helloween “Just A Little Sign” cover) & video !
Comes with an 8-page full colored booklet with lyrics !




Rampart War Behest

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